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Arch support in sandals and summer shoes shouldn't be an afterthought! We put comfort and support as our top priority in all of our spring and summer shoes. When you want to be outdoors and looking your best, you need great looking footwear that can go the distance with you. See our most comfortable recommendations...
Stegmann fans like you call our shoes many things: slippers, house shoes, and even “hugs for your feet.”  It got us thinking, what IS a Stegmann clog? Can we categorize our special brand of footwear or are we in a league all our own? 

Stegmann has been around since 1888. That’s a long time to collect a myth or two about our well loved wool shoes. Our cozy wool clogs and wool lined boots and shoes are more versatile and enduring than you may think. You can wear your Stegmann shoes without socks, they can get wet, and the unique materials they’re made from make them last. 

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