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As you wear your Stegmann shoes, they will be confronted by rain, dinner time stains, animal encounters, and, of course, your feet! Sometimes your shoes will need a bit of love. A sustainable lifestyle means giving your shoes that extra love so you can keep wearing them--it’s better to repair than to replace! With a few tricks of the trade, your Stegmann shoes can last many years. Inside are a few tips and tricks to refresh your shoes when they’ve had a rough day.

We love creating shoes that our Stegmann customers love. We’ve modernized our shoe making methods so they have a minimal impact on the environment and also last many years. Some Stegmann customers report that their shoes last 20 years and are still going! Sustainability is important to us, and we know it is to you. Together, we can buy better and make our favorite things last longer. We want to help you make our shoes last. Keep reading for tips and tricks to repair your shoes. 

More durable than slippers and more comfortable than sneakers. The Stegmann men’s clog and house shoe collection features durable materials, supportive construction and classic European styling you can wear anywhere. Come explore the many reasons to throw out your Crocs and flimsy Amazon slippers.

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