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More people than ever are investing in comfortable shoes. Good thing that’s our specialty at Stegmann. Customers are drawn to the attention to comfort in our shoes as well as the practical wool, leather and cork materials they’re created with. Keep reading to find out more about our new Fall Collection.
This week, J.Crew® launched a seasonal collection of Stegman’s Men’s collection. We are so thrilled to announce this partnership.We think J.Crew® and Stegmann are a perfect pairing. Like wine and cheese. Like a good book and a cozy chair. Like wool clogs and a rustic cabin. You get the idea…
According to a recent poll for USA Today, 40% of Americans prefer to work from home full-time and 35% seek a home-office hybrid. If you comprise that 75%, it’s important that you establish a solid foundation for a successful workday.  We suggest starting with your feet! We keep our cozy and supportive wool shoes close by our desks at the office and at home. Keep reading for our reasons to choose wool shoes for your workday.