Handmade in Tyrol Since 1888

Stegmann Clogs has been a favorite of European clog lovers since the Stegmann family began producing them in 1888.  Today, our wool clogs are still handmade in the Tyrolian Alps of Austria. Locally sourced wool is combined with the finest merino wools, and felted using nothing but pure alpine water.

Each pair of our wool clogs is hand felted while on a shoe last, creating Stegmann's famous, seamless wool upper. This trade secret has been handed down through generations of Stegmann clog makers. Unlike other clog brands that purchase sheet goods and sew them together, our clogs offer superior, seamless comfort and long lasting quality you can trust. 

What our customers are saying...

I received a pair of Stegmann's as a Christmas gift during my junior year of high school, in 1994.  This Christmas I was given a new pair to replace my old one as they had finally given up the ghost.  I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that my trusty slippers lasted me 23 years and I am looking forward to getting another 23 out of my new pair.  Great shoes!  Thanks!

Charles P (read about him on our blog)

This is my second pair of Stegmann boiled wool clogs. My feet are so happy, it is like getting a foot massage when I wear them. My feet have a “low rise,” arches, are nearly flat and these clogs fit beautifully. True to size. The cork soles conform to your feet, and the wool is breathable and dry. Treat them respectfully, they are not bomb proof. Great ordering and tracking experience as well. 

Janet M.

Size Guide

**Current sizing may be different than in the past, please check for your correct size before ordering**

Stegmann wool felt clogs are felted on a European last, which results in a more generous fit. They will also loosen slightly with long term wear as the felt compresses. 

The Stegmann clogs of today may be wider than styles you have bought in the past. For that reason we recommend that Women purchase a half size to a full size smaller if your foot is narrow. For Men we recommend purchasing your normal size, or sizing down 1/2 size if you have a narrow foot or prefer a snug fit. Please see the chart below for more detail. 

Wool Clogs Size Recommendations:


Leather Clog Size Recommendations:

Our leather clogs are made with the same cork soles as our classic wool clogs. The leather uppers are built a bit truer to size and fit a bit more snugly than the wool felt. For that reason we recommend sizing up if you are between sizes, or buying your normal whole size. Please see below for more detail. 


  Old vs New Clog Dimensions:

If you're looking to replace an older pair of Stegmann Clogs with the same size, we've provided all of the sole dimensions for you below. Many of our loyal, long time customers tell us the fit has changed a bit over the years, so we provided these charts so you can be certain you're getting the same size clogs as the old pair you love. Simply measure the widest and longest points on the bottom of the shoe to match with our measurements. As a rule: when in doubt, size down in wool felt, and size up in leather.