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Wool clogs and house shoes are trending.

Once you own a pair, it's easy to see why. Wool clogs are the Swiss Army knife of the shoe world. They're a slipper, house shoe and street shoe all-in-one! They have been a mainstay in Europe for over a century and are quickly becoming popular in the USA. 

Wool clogs are a convenient hybrid shoe - giving you the best features of both slippers and shoes. The wool upper provides cozy warmth, padding and insulation like a slipper. The contoured sole provides excellent arch support and the convenient slip-on design lets you wear them anywhere you need to go - while enjoying exquisite comfort and all around foot support.

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The Best Selling Original 108 Clog

The WoolFlex - Cozy Orthopedic Level Comfort

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The Essenz - Timeless Construction, Modern Appeal

The EcoWool - All Natural, Organic & Undyed

"My feet LOVE these. They're warm, comfortable and they look great with literally anything. I can't imagine how I've lived without these for all these years! I will definitely be buying a couple more colors and LIVING in them! Thank you! - Sandi B.