40% Off Care Accessories


40% Off Care Accessories


Women's Wool Clogs

Shop our best selling felted wool comfort clogs. Easy to wear, comfortable and convenient. Podiatrist and customer recommended for pain relief and foot health.
Not sure which style is right for you? Check out our wool buying guide
Women's EcoWool Clog
from $150.00

Why Stegmann Wool Clogs for Women

At Stegmann, we take pride in the quality of our wool clogs. The wool we use provides insulation and padding, keeping our wool clogs cozy and warm, and our contoured sole gives excellent arch support. Our wool clogs come in two widths for Women: 'American' (medium) and 'Euro' (wide), and our Men's clogs are available in Euro width.

3 Reasons People Love Our Wool Clogs:

  • Our wool clogs are stylish: We offer a variety of styles, each with its own unique look. Each style comes in multiple colors and sizes.
  • Our wool clogs provide versatility: Wool clogs are a hybrid shoe making them great for inside or on the go. They can be house shoes, slippers, and great street shoes as well.
  • Our wool clogs are comfortable: Stegmann wool clogs ergonomic design allows for ease of wear, providing excellent arch support and comfort.

We also offer a variety of styles:

  • Our Original 108 clog is our most popular style.
  • Our WoolFlex clog provides orthopedic-level comfort.
  • Our EcoWool clog is made with 100% pure all-natural wool.
  • Our Essenz clog adds a modern twist to our Original 108.
  • Our Edelweiss clog features a band with embroidered Edelweiss flowers.