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In the Press

Zero-Waste Lifestyle |Zero-Waste Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Mother’s Day | May 2020

Our commitment to sustainability shines in this list of other great sustainable and eco friendly products, ready for gifting to mom. 


Town and Country Magazine |The Best Slippers To Buy Right Now | March 2020

We’re proud to be included in this round up of 15+ house slippers. Anni Goldsmith wrote: “For a sturdy, indoor-outdoor slipper, these Stegmann shoes mean business.”


Richmond Magazine |Sheared Shoes | January 2020

We’re based in Ashland, Virginia outside of RIchmond, the state capital! The local magazine visited our facilities to learn more about our process and our new EcoWool clog. 


Lonely Planet |The best gear to keep you cozy this winter | December 2019 

Maya Stanton writes, “There’s nothing like a pair of slipper-like clogs for that cozy hygge feel, and Stegmann’s new EcoWool shoe marries comfort and sustainability to admirable effect.”


What to Pack | The Best Yoga Accessories for Jetsetting Yogis | December 2019

In addition to securing the best mat, you need some accessories to travel and flow in comfort and style. Stegmann shoes can keep your feet comfortable and ready for anything. 

Forbes | Best Men’s Travel Footwear| November 2019

Everett Potter writes about our EcoWool clog: “At the end of the day, you have a classic pair of clogs that are ideal for après ski, hike or exploration. For clog lovers, they’re a wooly bit of heaven.”


Audobon | 44 Perfect Gifts for the Bird and Nature Lovers in Your Life | November 2019

“​Some of the most enjoyable winter birding can take place at your kitchen table, watching finches, chickadees, and woodpeckers feasting at backyard feeders. These cozy slipper-shoes are made with a soft, itch-free wool blend atop an anatomically contoured cork sole. And the contoured latex bottom helps ensure you won’t slip when you pop outside to restock the suet.” | The Best Wool Apparel of 2020

The EcoWool - A cozy pair of slip-ons help you through the worst winter throws at you. Stegmann’s take on the classic clog retains the brand’s trademark cork footbed and adds chemical-free, humanely harvested wool.


Barking Dog | 7 Most Comfortable Slippers: Best Slippers for Women

Based on personal experience, the Stegmann cork and latex midsole with enhanced arch support and deep heel cup is just what my feet need to absorb the shock of wood floors while keeping plantar fasciitis flares to a minimum. The rubber traction sole allows me to walk confidently outside to bring the trash cans in or even venture out on a quick grocery run. | Stegmann Original 108 Wool Clog Review

These clogs have become my favorite go to for inside the house, as they are warm and more supportive than house slippers. The Original 108’s also help to keep my feet dry from all the snow that the dogs bring in during the winter.


Sierra Club | 25 Ways to Set an Earth-Loving Mood This Valentine’s Day

It's hard to go wrong with the gift of a cozy pair of house shoes. Stegmann’s Original 108 Wool Clogs($125) have been steadily perfected since their 1888 debut. What’s more, Stegmann partners with farmers to purchase fine merino wool from rare and endangered species to help ensure their continued existence. The result is a seamless, non-rubbing, toasty shoe that your better half won't want to take off.


Forbes | Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Best Travel Clothes & Footwear

If you’ve spent all day in ski boots – or hiking boots or walking shoes – there’s nothing quite like slipping into a pair of these to cure whatever ails your feet. Stegmann’s Original 108 Clog is made from a blend of Tyrolian & Merino wool,  hand-felted into a single seamless piece to produce a smooth one-piece upper that’s non-rubbing and non-irritating. It’s paired with an anatomically contoured natural latex and cork sole for arch and metatarsal support. Dressy winter clogs for the ski condo? Check.  


Magnetic Magazine | Escape to Cozy : A Holiday Shopping Guide for Adventure Travelers and Cold Couch Potatoes 

Stegmann Clogs are OGs in the slipper game, err clog game, and are one of the more comfortable things we've ever had on our feet. Whether you are slinking around your apartment after a hard night out or unwinding your tootsies after a long festival day, these are essential. Does Jared Leto go grocery shopping in these? Probably.


Real Simple Magazine | 6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Barking Dog Shoes | Stegmann Clogs : From Europe to Your Feet With Love

What I love most about my Stegmann clogs is the metatarsal pad. I’m used to the metatarsal support that my Birkenstocks offer, but this is more noticeable. Because I have hammertoes that result in metatarsal pain, the added support brings relief. For anyone that suffers from metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis or Morton’s neuroma, I’d recommend Stegmann. Other awesome features: wide toe box (accommodating of bunions), deep heel cup (keeps foot settled in shoe, promotes alignment), 1” heel rise with ¾ inch toe platform (gentle slope aids in reducing ankle and back pain). I even think the Stegmann clogs with the cork and latex sole will work for those with hallux rigidus – not overly flexible at the big toe joint.


Reading Eagle | When it’s cold outside, the right gear makes all the difference

The perfect slip-on shoe for indoors or out, the Original Stegmann is great for camping, running errands and everything in between. Made from a proprietary wool blend, these shoes have fantastic arch and toe support, a contoured cork sole that helps provide additional metatarsal support and a gentle slope that helps reduce ankle and back pain. So if you've got aching feet, issues like plantar fasciitis or a bad back, these are well worth considering. All in all, if comfort is your thing — and whose isn't? | Ski harder and longer this spring with these five recovery-focused products

After having my feet shoved in ski boots for hours on end, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as stepping out of those plastic foot entrapments in the parking lot. When that time of day comes, don’t settle for just any pair of shoes to house your dogs. Instead, slip your feet into the Original 108 Wool Clogs from Stegmann. The top of the clog is made from a Tyrolian and Merino wool blend and is paired with an anatomically contoured cork sole for superior arch and metatarsal support. In other words, these clogs are quite possibly the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. Available in 13 vibrant colors, these slipper-like shoes are the perfect recovery for your feet and look cute as hell at après.


SGB Online | What Makes A Brand A Heritage Brand?

It’s timeless. It is deeply connected to the lifestyles, traditions and the ways of the people who know and love the brand. And, if the customer relates to the product, time moves the product along.

Stegmann is a heritage brand, producing some of the world’s finest wool felt shoes for over 120 years from Tyrol, Austria. The iconic Original 108 Wool Clog, shown below and above, is the backbone of the Stegmann brand and is what the brand is known for.