The Stegmann Story

About Us

Since 1888, Stegmann has produced some of the world's finest and most sustainable footwear. It all starts with the materials. For 130 years, they’ve been thoughtfully and sustainably sourced.

Ethically Sourcing Our Shoes and Quality Production

Much of our wool is sourced locally in the Tyrolian Alps or regionally in Western Europe. This wool is part of our Species Preservation Initiative to support small farmers and sustain rare breeds of sheep. Any of our wool clogs that are not made from local wools are felted from a responsibly sourced Merino blend. Then each wool upper is crafted in our private facility in Austria.

Once the uppers of the shoe are completed, they are then paired with a cork or poly sole here in the United States. Our cork/latex blend soles are made from renewable and sustainable resources. This final step allows a final quality check and enables us to help support jobs domestically in the U.S. Learn more about our sourcing here. 

A collage image showing an artisan handmaking Stegmann clogs, a clog sitting on a workshop table with tools, several clogs on a workshop table, and then tons of clogs on racks after being produced.

Our Commitment to Quality

The result of our quality sourcing and production practices is a luxurious, supportive, and versatile shoe that can take you and your family anywhere comfortably. This commitment to quality ensures Stegmann products last a long time because of our great attention to detail. While most other brands of wool clogs are made from sheets of wool felt that are sewn together, Stegmann clogs are felted in the shape of a foot from the start. There are no seams to rub, catch or come apart. As a result, many of our clogs have lasted 20 years or more.

Our Commitment to Comfort

Not only does our production method produce a smooth, seamless, and lasting shoe, our shoes are built to relieve and prevent pain. We know because our customers tell us so and podiatrists themselves wear our shoes. From Plantar Fasciitis sufferers to hard working professionals, our shoes have helped many people discover comfort and find relief. No matter which style, all Stegmann shoes have an anatomically shaped sole that promotes foot and back health. The low heel-to-toe slope encourages spinal alignment and can alleviate lower back pain. 

Our shoes also offer an orthopedic level of comfort with features like interior padding, arch support, and a metatarsal pad to help your foot spread naturally inside the shoe. They're constructed with a wide toe box to eliminate squeezing and a heel cup to help keep the shoe on. Our WoolFlex and Sport soles offer a softer, more cushioning feel, while our cork soles will adapt over time to the shape of your foot. With either sole construction, each step is cushioned and fully supported. Our Pain Relief guide can help you find the right shoe for your foot. 

Our Signature Shoe

The iconic Original 108 wool clog is the backbone of the Stegmann brand. The shoe features a thick, seamless, and cozy wool upper. It is lined with a classic Stegmann ’S’ ribbon around the top. The shoe has evolved over the decades. Today, we offer the Original 108 in both a wide (Euro) or a medium (American) fit. We also release seasonal collections of the shoe, reflecting new and often limited colors. The 108 is the ideal Stegmann shoe to start with as you get to know our shoes and our brand. Many of our more recent releases and collections reflect the same characteristics of this shoe: supportive soles, sustainable materials, versatile colors, and an overall comfortable experience. 

Stegmann USA

Very popular in Europe, Stegmann has been distributing its wool clogs in the United States since the 80’s. Several years ago, Stegmann began selling directly to our customers in the United States through our website. We’re thrilled to be interacting more directly with our long-time fans, we value and support our long-time retail partners and encourage our customers to go try on our clogs in person whenever possible. 

Join the Stegmann Family! 

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