Dr. Bradley Schaeffer

A New Jersey foot and ankle surgeon, featured on TLC's "My Feet are Killing Me" is a fan of Stegmann Clogs.  

"Stegmann shoes have an amazing design that contours to our arches and provides the right amount of support we deserve for all day wear and tear. I personally love the metatarsal support when standing for long periods of time."

We love that metatarsal support too Dr. Bradley!

We surveyed over 1,000 customers

They told us which Stegmann styles were their favorite clogs for their own foot and joint pain. We asked about plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, back pain, joint pain, high arches and fallen arches. Keep scrolling to find the perfect pain relieving clog for you!

Plantar Fasciitis Relief Was Our #1 Customer Need

Constructed on our famous anatomically contoured cork/latex footbed, the above styles have identical support and cushioning benefits. The primary differences are wool types and aesthetic, which do not impact the overall comfort ratings. 

Our Pain Relief Champion: The WoolFlex Clog

The WoolFlex clog was voted by our customers to be best clog for pain relief in the most categories. It is also the most frequently recommended style by podiatrists and foot doctors. Relief from bunion pain was the 2nd most common pain relief need identified by our customers.

Bye-bye Bunion Pain!

While all our wool clog styles scored well for bunion pain relief, the WoolFlex Clog in Wide was the overall winner. The wider toe box combined with soft support and a low profile toe bar put this specific clog ahead of the rest of the field.

The WoolFlex Clog was also rated best for:

Joint Pain & Back Pain

A gentle 1/2" slope from heel to toe helps align joints for better posture. The cushioning, polyurethane sole provides contoured support for all parts of the foot. Foot support combined with proper alignment and cushioning make this clog a favorite for joint and back pain relief.

'Perfect Clogs'

"I researched so many different brands/options and could not be happier with my Stegmann clogs. The clogs are super supportive and can be worn outside but are still cozy enough to feel like slippers. My back, hips and feet hurt much less after long periods of standing now that I wear these indoors almost exclusively."

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High Arches

The soft wool upper provides a forgiving fit for customers with high arches. The gentle shaping in the molded footbed offers cushioned and contoured support.

'Awesome': "Superb arch support (which is so lacking in just about every shoe/clog I’ve ever tried) and although the arch support is excellent, it’s not a “hard” type of support but rather a firm yet cushioned support... like a fancy Tempurpedic mattress! No joke I was so impressed with these that I’m now planning to purchase another pair (if not several!) as they are available in several gorgeous colors. I suffer from high arches and hammer toes so a roomy toe area was a must. These clogs are AWESOME and if you're on the fence, give them a try. You will not regret it!"

Low & Fallen Arches

The soft contoured sole of the WoolFlex clog provides cushioned, moderate arch support. Most customers with low or fallen arches find this style to be amply supportive without causing any arch pain.

'Simply the Best' "I am a flat foot, fallen arch person. My foot doctor advised me to get this clog over 15 years ago. He said they would be a bit pricey, but would be beneficial for my feet. Because at that time I did not want to spend the money I put it off. Now here I am 15 years later having bought my first pair and I can say it won't be my last pair. I am only sorry I waited so long. They are worth the money and my feet are thanking me. So comfortable and so supportive on my feet."

Heel Spurs & Heel Pain

1/2" of soft wool felt on top of our cushioned polyurethane sole provides excellent padding and pain relief in the heel area.

'Wonderful clog!'

"Makes my heel spur so much easier to live with! The soft support and cushion in this clog is such a relief. I can walk and stand with so much less pain. Most of the time I don't even notice my heel spur when I'm wearing them. My podiatrist recommended them!"

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