About our Clogs

Are your wool clogs slippers?

They are multipurpose wool comfort shoes. How you enjoy them depends on you! Many of our customers wear their Stegmann wool clogs as supportive slippers and house shoes as well as street shoes. They can be worn both indoors and outdoors, and are the perfect shoes to keep by the front door for convenience.

What are the differences between your Wool Clogs

The Wool uppers are constructed the same for each wool style. They are felted by hand around a shoe last, resulting in a luxuriously thick, totally seamless wool upper. There are no internal seams or tags inside the shoe.

Our Original 108 & WoolFlex wool clogs are available in Medium and Wide. You should order your normal shoe size and appropriate width.
Original 108 Clog – Our most popular style. A Merino wool blend in a variety of colors. The Original 108 is best worn as a supportive house shoe, an office clog or a casual slip on shoe. Because it has a full wool upper it is comfortable to wear barefoot. The wool lining underfoot adds additional cushioning. The natural cork/latex sole has shaped support built in and is a relatively firm shoe with excellent foot support. It provides the least amount of flex of all our soles, with prominent toe bar/toe support, medium arch support and medium metatarsal support.

WoolFlex Clog – Similar to our Original 108, with a black Polyurethane sole. This sole is more flexible in the toe box area than our Cork/Latex. It has strong midsole support and minimal flex through the mid-foot. This sole provides the most pronounced arch, and metatarsal support, with a lower profile toe bar/to support. It is our most cushioning sole and will absorb significant pressure to help alleviate joint pain. The Polyurethane sole is weather proof and wipes off easily.

In both the 108 and WoolFlex, styles the toe box is generously shaped and can accommodate a range of foot profiles, making these clogs appropriate for wide feet, and for customers with painful or irritating foot problems. Our wool clogs should fit somewhat snugly upon arrival and they will loosen slightly with time and wear.

EcoWool Clog – Same construction and fit as our Original 108. Minimalist styling with no ribbon or brand label. Available in Medium width. These clogs are made from a single source and single type of sheep’s wool and are part of our Species Preservation effort. They are undyed and minimally processed. Our 100% natural wool will be slightly coarser than the Merino wool blend in our 108 and WoolFlex clogs, but the difference is hardly noticeable in bare feet.

Esssenz Wool Clog – Construction and fit is the same as our the Original 108. Featuring minimalist finishes and styling.


I have foot problems. Which is the best style for?

Bunions (Hallux Valgus):

Any of our wool clogs will be comfortable with bunions. If you can wear a wide, we recommend our wide fit for extra toe space, but you may want to size down ½ size as they do run a bit large. If Toe bars irritate your feet, the WoolFlex (Polyflex) sole will have the lowest profile toe support.

Plantar Fasciitis:

What to look for in a shoe if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis:

Minimal Midsole Flex – The midsection of the shoe doesn’t bend or twist significantly

Moderate Toe Box Flex – The toes are allowed to bend in the shoe

Strong Arch Support – Firm support with minimal bend or flex in the arch

Other things to look for in walking or athletic shoes are a firm heel counter and a secure closure system.

For plantar fasciitis we can proudly say that because of the way our soles are constructed, we can recommend any style of Stegmann shoe to help relieve plantar fascia pain.

Low or Fallen Arches

All of our clogs can be recommended for low or fallen arches, depending on your foot profile. Our Original 108 clogs have been found by some with fallen arches to be too firm, while our WoolFlex clogs have the most defined arch support and may be uncomfortable for some with fallen arches or arch pain. While others have found them to be extremely supportive and comfortable, so it depends on what is causing your arch pain. Our leather clogs have the lowest arch support and are narrower over the top of the foot, so some customer with fallen arches have found them to be a wonderful fit. 

High Arches

We can recommend all of our wool clogs for high arches as they are cut generously over foot and are soft and flexible. A wide version of our wool clogs may be the most appropriate for high arches as they have more space over the top of the foot. Our leather clogs are tighter over the top of the foot and may not accommodate a high arch comfortably.

Hallux Rigidis (Arthritis of the Toe)

For this you need a shoe that won’t press down and has a wide and accommodating toe box and will allow minimal range of motion of the toe. Our Original 108 is perfect for this type of toe pain. The toe box is generously cut, the wool is soft and will not put excessive pressure on toes and the footbed does not flex significantly. The Wide fit may be the most appropriate as it has the most spacious toe box of all our clogs.


 Clog Care

How do I clean my wool clogs?

We recommend a gentle soap and warm water. Spot clean your wool clogs only and never submerge them in water. Soaking your wool clogs may result in the wool shrinking or in weakening of the sole adhesive. Keep your wool looking fresh by brushing them occasionally with a wool care brush. We sell one specifically for Stegmann Clogs here

My sole is coming unattached, what do I do?

This can happen over time, or as a result of exposure to moisture. We recommend rubber cement to reattach them. Barge makes a good one. Apply the adhesive to the rubber or cork footbed, then press the upper down firmly with your hand and hold for several seconds.

Can I wear them outside?

All of our clogs can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Our cork soles are more porous than the rubber soles and may benefit from applying a cork sealer prior to wearing them outside. We sell one specifically for Stegmann Cork Clogs here

Can I put them in the washer?

No. Stegmann Clogs are not machine washable nor machine dryable. Spot clean only, shape and set out to air dry.


Finding the Right Size and Fit

What size should I order?

Check our size guide page for size recommendations by style

I have wide feet, which size should I order?

For Women, we offer a Wide width in our 108 and WoolFlex clogs.

I have narrow feet, what should I order?

Our medium width wool clogs may be appropriate for a narrower foot, but we recommend going down a half size. Our leather clogs are a medium width, we recommend you size down a half size for narrow feet.

I know my EU size, how do your sizes convert to EU size?

We don’t use EU sizing, as our clogs have been sized for US size and fit specifications. They run true to size and are designed, as most wool clogs are, to fit with a little room around your foot and accommodate a sock. We recommend ordering your normal shoe size, or sizing down ½ size if you prefer a snug fit.

How do your Leather clogs fit compared to the wool clogs?

Stegmann leather clogs run true to size and come in full sizes only. If you are between sizes we recommend sizing up as they do run a bit small. They are fully leather lined unless otherwise noted and the footbed is built with lower profile arch and foot support than our wool versions. They are constructed to fit a bit narrower as well, and will be snugger around the foot due to the nature of it being a street shoe style vs a house shoe.


Returns and Exchanges

I need to exchange for a different size or color?

We offer up to 2 free exchanges. You can start an exchange here.

I want to return my clogs and I don’t want to do an exchange

We’re sorry it didn’t work out. Due to the cost of return shipping + handling, we will deduct a restocking fee of $7.95 from return orders.


Placing an Order

Where can I try on Stegmann Clogs in person?

We are in dozens of retailers around the country. Check our store locator to find the one closest to you.

Is it secure to order online?

Absolutely. We use Shopify to process payments through our website and they are certified Level 1 PCI compliant. Our staff and customer service agents cannot see your credit card information. That is all managed and maintained by Shopify. 

I don’t have a credit card, can I place an order over the phone?

Yes, you can. In order to place a phone order you will need to request a customer service agent to call you. This helps us prevent fraud. Email us at support@stegmannusa, tell us your phone number, first and last name, and make a note that you’d like place a phone order. Someone will call you within 1-2 business days.



Do you offer Free Shipping?

We offer free ground shipping within the continental US, unless noted in cart

Alaska & Hawaii orders will have a $30 flat rate shipping charge applied.

How long will is take to get my order?

We use UPS or USPS ground service. Delivery is typically 3-5 business days depending on destination. We ship orders made through our website from Virginia. We ship orders Monday – Friday and are closed major holidays. Orders made before 12pm Eastern will likely ship the same day.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally or to US military locations overseas.

Do you ship to Canada?

We can ship to Canada for a surcharge, but due to export tariffs we cannot process returns or exchanges from Canada. Any items ordered and shipped to Canada are final sale. If you wish to ship an order to Canada please contact our customer service department to place an order in person. Email support@stegmannusa.com to place an order to Canada.


Customer Accounts

Where can I see my order history?

We recommend setting up a customer account using the email address you have used to place your orders. You can access the LOG IN page, in the top right of our website homepage.


Rewards Program:

How do I join your Rewards Program?

In order to become a member of our Clog Club Rewards program you will need to sign up for a customer account. You may then opt in to our Rewards program. Both of these Sign Up screens are accessible in the top right of our website home page.

How does your Rewards program work?

You earn points that can be redeemed for product discounts. You earn points in a variety of ways: buying products, leaving reviews, following us on social, sharing with your friends, etc.

I have multiple email addresses. Can I merge my rewards accounts?

Sorry, we cannot merge accounts with different email addresses. Please make sure to use the same email each time you sign in or place an order.


Size Guide

**Current sizing for wool may be different than in the past, please check for your correct size before ordering**

Stegmann wool felt clogs are felted on a European last, which results in a more generous fit. They will also loosen slightly with long term wear as the felt compresses. The Stegmann clogs of today may be wider than styles you have bought in the past.

Wool Clogs Size Recommendations:


Leather Clog Size Recommendations:

Our leather clogs fit true to size and will loosen only slightly with wear. Leather is available in US Whole sizes only. If you are between sizes we recommend sizing up. If you prefer a very snug fit or have a narrow foot you may consider sizing down. 


  Old vs New Clog Dimensions:

If you're looking to replace an older pair of Stegmann Clogs with the same size, we've provided all of the sole dimensions for you below. Many of our loyal, long time customers tell us the fit has changed a bit over the years, so we provided these charts so you can be certain you're getting the same size clogs as the old pair you love. Simply measure the widest and longest points on the bottom of the shoe to match with our measurements. As a rule: when in doubt, size down in wool felt, and size up in leather.