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About Our Wool Clogs

What's so special about Stegmann Clogs?

Stegmann has been making wool clogs since 1888, so we've had plenty of time to get it right. Each Stegmann wool clog is crafted by hand at our facility in Tirol, Austria. The wool uppers are created using a felting method unique to Stegmann. Our secret felting method allows us to create a single piece wool upper that has no seams or stitching. None of our competitors can do this - they use sheets of felt and sew them together, leaving exposed stitching that can rub and irritate your feet when wearing clogs barefoot.

Stegmann uses only supportive and cushioning soles, so no matter which clogs you choose you can be confident they will cradle and support your feet.

Are your wool clogs slippers?

Yes, and they're also so much more! They are multipurpose wool comfort shoes. How you enjoy them depends on you! Many of our customers wear their Stegmann wool clogs as supportive slippers and house shoes as well as street shoes. They can be worn both indoors and outdoors, and are the perfect shoes to keep by the front door for convenience.

What are the differences between your wool clogs and other brands?

To get the perfect fit, Stegmann offers US half sizes and wide widths in several Women's wool styles. Most others offer whole Euro sizes only and they are Unisex which often fits too full for many woman. Our wool clogs are made in our own private facility in Austria and not outsourced. Our wool upper is high quality and long lasting as we have a proprietary felting method that produces a totally smooth, seamless one piece upper. Others sew their wool uppers from sheets of felt, which leaves internal seams that can irritate the wearer when used barefoot. Finally, our cork sole is made in Austria with sustainably sourced Portuguese cork and is very high quality.

Please consult our Wool Clog Buying Guide for a deeper look into the differences and benefits of each style of Stegmann Wool Clog.

Uppers: Our wool uppers are all handmade in Austria from a variety of colored and natural wools. The Wool uppers are constructed the same for each wool style. They are felted by hand around a shoe last, resulting in a luxuriously thick, totally seamless wool upper. There are no internal seams or tags inside the shoe. 

Soles: The major differences between our wool clog styles are the sole material. We offer a cork/latex blend sole that provides medium support and medium cushioning. Our Poly (Woolflex) sole provides medium support and soft cushioning with more flexibility

Widths: In our Wide (Euro Fit) Women's Original 108 and WoolFlex styles the toe box is generously shaped and can accommodate a range of foot profiles, making these clogs appropriate for wide feet, and for women with painful or irritating foot problems. Our Medium (American fit) is a women's medium width clog that is appropriate for medium and narrow feet. They run true to size but if a snug fit is desired and/or you plan to wear them without socks you may need to move down 1/2 size from your normal US shoe size.

Our wool clogs will loosen slightly with time and wear. 

How sustainable is your manufacturing?

Stegmann places a high importance on sustainability, regionality, and climate action. Below are just a few action items:

* Short transport routes to/from suppliers
* Our primary resource is natural and re-growing wool
* An intelligent thermal management system that is capable of heat recovery is installed at our production site
* A large part of our energy stems from renewable sources such as Hydro and Solar.
* We guarantee fair wages and social and healthy working conditions for all our employees
* A large part of our wool is undyed and sourced from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and other Nordic countries.
* We support endangered sheep species (see Species Protection)
* We felt in pure Tyrolean Mountain Water without adding chemicals or auxiliary materials.
* All of our wool waste is recycled that allows us to reintegrate it back into the manufacturing process.

What is the difference in the Cork versus Woolflex wool clog constructions?

Original 108 Cork Clog – Our most popular style. The Original 108 is best worn as a supportive house shoe, an office clog or for quick errands. Because it has a full wool upper it is comfortable to wear barefoot. The natural cork/latex sole has shaped support built in. It provides the least amount of flex of all our soles, with medium arch support and medium metatarsal support. The wool lining underfoot adds additional cushioning, but is a relatively firm shoe.

WoolFlex Clog – Similar to our Original 108 shaping but with a Polyurethane sole. This sole is more flexible in the toe box than our Cork/Latex. It has strong midsole support and minimal flex through the mid-foot. This sole provides the most pronounced arch, metatarsal and toe support due to its shape. It is our most cushioning sole and will absorb significant pressure to help alleviate joint pain. The Polyurethane sole is weather proof and wipes off easily.
It is our most recommended construction by Podiatrists.

In both styles the toe box is generously shaped and can accommodate a range of foot shapes, making them appropriate for wide feet, and for customers with foot problems.

Do your clogs have arch support?

Yes, our clogs have an anatomically contoured sole that provides arch support, a heel cup, toe bar and a metatarsal pad to help support the foot and allow it to spread naturally inside the shoe. See our Wool Clog Buying Guide for more details.

Are your Wool Clogs mulesing-free?

Yes! All of our wools are mulesing-free.

Clog & Shoe Care

My old wool clogs tore or have a hole, can you help?

Wool is durable but not indestructible. In rare occurences, sometimes small nicks and cuts from inadvertantly bumping into things or constant rubbing of the microscopic fibres can result in bigger tears and holes. We don't offer repair services but many issues can be sewn closed and you can extend the life of your clog. If you don't have the materials or skill to do this yourself, we recommend taking them to a local seamstress or shoe repair shop.

My old wool clogs are separating from the bottom, can you help?

We don't offer repair services but many instances of delamination can be solved by using a contact repair cement. We recommend and sell Barge Repair Cement.

For instructions on how to use Barge repair cement visit our Care Page and scroll down the section titled: "How to Repair your Sole if it Detaches." If you prefer to have this professionally done, we recommend taking them to a local shoe repair shop so you can extend the life of your clog.

My old wool clogs are starting to smell, what can I do?

Here are a few tips/tricks to try - (all to be done at your own risk):

● Clean out any loose dirt will help. You can use a soft nylon brush to lightly loosen any dirt from the wool fibers and shake them out and/or lightly vacuum them. We carry a nylon wool brush

● Lightly sprinkle baking soda into the wool uppers and leave it for 12 to 24 hours to absorb lingering odors and moisture.

● Place a scented dryer sheet inside of each clog to help absorb odor and keep the slippers smelling fresh.

● One last trick we have heard can work is to mist the clogs with a solution of 2 tbsp. tea tree oil and 1 cup water and allow them to air-dry once a week. Tea tree oil is an antifungal that will help to keep your slippers clean.

If all that fails, it may be time to try a new pair!!

My wool clogs got wet, how do I dry them safely?

It's ok for your wool clogs to get a bit damp. Simply let them air dry away from a heat source and they should be just fine. We do not recommend soaking the felt as they can loose their shape.

Repeated exposure to water can weaken the adhesive between the wool and the footbed. Eventually, you may need to repair this adhesion. For instructions, see the question above titled "My old wool clogs are separating from the bottom, can you help?"

My wool clogs got wet and they shrunk or stretched. Is this fixable?

Shrinking: If your clogs become saturated with water and external heat (even sun) is applied, you run the risk of them shrinking. This is akin to how the felting process works. As such, we recommend never fully saturating your wool clogs or shoes and certainly never applying heat.

If your clogs have shrunk and are now dry, we recommend re-dampening them with a spray bottle of water, inserting your feet and then stuffing them to maintain your foot shape. Allowing them to air dry around your foot without walking in them is the best method for stretching.

Stretching: Once clogs or shoes have stretched, it's very difficult to return them to their original shape in a controlled way.

One option is to wet them with a spray bottle, insert your feet and apply gentle external heat such as with a hair dryer to only the top of the shoe. This may slightly shrink the wool, but this method is not without risk, as it can warp the wool or damage the sole adhesion.

* Please note: Both of these methods are at your own risk and we do not offer guarantees or replacements for damages due to water.

Finding the Right Pair for You

I've never worn Stegmann before, where do I start?

We recommend reading through our Clog & Shoe Buying Guide
to get an overview of our product line. On that page there is also a Quiz you can take to get product recommendations.

I have some foot problems, what is the best clog for me?

We surveyed over 1000 Stegmann Clog customers and regular wearers about their foot pain. They told us which clogs they recommend for each foot challenge. Check out our Pain Relief Guide And Survey to see what they had to say.

Podiatrists recommend Stegmann clogs for general pain relief and foot support.

What size should I order?

Each product has individual sizing recommendations. Please consult the product page and look for Sizing & Fit guidelines for the specific shoe you are shopping for. We do not use a standardized size guide.

Orders, Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping for every order over $90. Orders ship from our facility in Virginia mainly via UPS but USPS is also used in certain circumstances.

Do you offer Free Returns & Exchanges?

Yes, we offer Free Exchanges for most items that are eligible for returns. Returns are subject to a $5.85 restocking and handling fee per return. Care Accessories are not eligible for return or exchanges.

Click here to: Start a Return or Exchange

You will need your order number as written (be sure to enter in the " # " sign before the "ST" and the dash) and shipping zip code.

Follow the steps and you'll be able to generate a pre-paid return label to send the product back.

How does the Exchange Process work?

Our Exchange process is automated and will provide free, pre-paid return labels to print at home for all qualified Exchanges.

Here's how our Automated Exchange process works. Once the return/exchange choices are completed online a return label is created. The new exchange order is created and placed as soon as the return label for the original order is scanned at the carrier for return shipping and the item is on the way back.

How do I exchange my shoes for a different size or color?

Exchanges: If you want a different item, you can select from anything in our store during the online exchange process.

Start an Exchange

How do I return my clogs or shoes? I don't want an exchange.

You can process a return online. A pre-paid shipping label will be emailed you to. Print the label and affix it to the outside of the parcel. Returns are subject to a $5.85 handling and restocking fee per return.

Start a Return

Is it safe to order online?

Absolutely. We use Shopify to process payments through our website and they are certified Level 1 PCI compliant. Our staff and customer service agents cannot see your credit card information. Your financial data is all managed and maintained by Shopify and its secure payment gateway. 

Where can I try on Stegmann Shoes?

We are in dozens of retailers around the country. To find the closest retailer, check out our Store Locator.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, we do not ship internationally.

We offer free outbound shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and US military locations. Returns and Exchanges for these locations will not be provided by Stegmann, and are at the customers expense.  Please see our shipping policy for more information

What is the Warranty?

Stegmann guarantees against material and/or manufacturers defects for six (6) months with valid proof of purchase. Clogs and shoes are not guaranteed against normal wear and tear. Our clogs and shoes are well made using the highest quality materials and under normal use and conditions they will last for many years, but no shoe will last forever.

If your shoes are in need of repair from normal wear, we recommend you take them to a local shoe repair location or seamstress.

Warranty inquiries should be made through the authorized Stegmann retailer where the original purchase was made, or if purchased directly from StegmannUSA via email at

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