One of our very favorite things to do is to read your reviews. With thousands of five-star stories, there’s always an inspiration for us to keep improving and continuing to evolve. From life-changing plantar fasciitis relief to decades of wearable life, our customers put our brand mission into words in ways we cannot. Here are some of our favorite customer reviews…

The Iconic Original 108 Wool Clog

Wool Clogs for Plantar Fasciitis

"Great shoes"

"Got a pair of these in 1980. Wore them for at least 20 years, until they died. Saw them online and decided to buy another pair. This time, I’ll wear them till i die and my daughters and granddaughters can fight it out with her who gets them!"

"My other pair lasted only…"

"12 years! Yep, finally replaced my super comfortable wool clogs. I have flat feet, have had plantar fasciitis, recently sprained an ankle. These shoes are so so comfortable. I ordered the very same 108 style, but in a different color. I could not read the size label in my old pair (where I had worn a hole in the ties) so I guessed. They arrived quickly and I found they were a bit short. Used the simple online process to exchange, and printed the return label. New clogs arrived in a couple of days. Before they had received the original order. Stellar service is such a treasure. So are my new clogs." - Barbara

"Simply the BEST"

"Comfort = ✔ Style = ✔ Own several colors = ✔ Will buy more = ✔ Love all 4 pair I own and will buy more! I have had 3 foot surgeries and these are perfect for my feet that require support and wide toe box. Thank you!"

"Can’t wait to order another pair!"

"I have been wearing Stegmann clogs for over 35 years. They are the best, my favorite footwear! Can’t wait to order another pair. Mine have lasted for years, and are still going strong."

"Best ever!"

"I purchased the wool clog about a week ago. I love them, they fit perfectly with socks. I have a narrow foot and I always wear socks even with sandals. These are my indoor shoes. This is my second pair and the first lasted over 20 years. I tried another popular brand but they didn’t measure up. Buy the best."

"Love my Stegmann Clogs"

"I never put my feet on the floor without slipping them into my Stegmann Clogs (recommended by my Podiatrist 30 yrs ago). The website is easy to use. I ordered a second pair to compare sizes and was able to return one easily."

"Best shoes for arch & back support EVER"

"Just bought my 2nd pair of Stegmann clogs after wearing my old pair 24/7 for the past year (and I had bought them used a loooong time ago). No other shoe comes close to giving me the arch support and comfort I need, especially when I'm cooking for hours on a Saturday. I noticed the difference a few days ago when I wore a different pair of shoes for 6 hours in the kitchen. My back and feet were killing me. I switched to my Stegmanns and felt relief instantly."

The Louisa Slingback Sandal 

Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

"Comfortable AND stylish!"

"As someone with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, finding comfortable footwear that does not scream "orthotic shoes" can be difficult, but the Louisa sandal hit a home run for me. Right out of the box they were comfortable with good arch support, and I received compliments the first time I wore them. The tan color is a terrific shade that will go with just about anything; these are going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe. I normally wear a size 9.5W shoe, and the size 10 works beautifully for me."

"Louisa Love!"

"I am truly in love with my new Louisa sandals! They offer great arch support and are more feminine than most summer sandals. I’ve been wearing mine with dresses but they would be adorable with jeans in late summer or spring."

The Emma Slide Sandal

flat sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

"Best Decision Ever"

"I’ve been ordering sandals and sending them back for a couple months now. I have plantar fasciitis that recurs if I wear flimsy shoes without my inserts. The only “shoe” I can wear without the inserts, and to let my feet breathe, are my Stegman wool clogs. I commented to my mom that if they made a sandal, that would solve my problem. Lo and behold, they make a sandal. The sole is just as supportive as the wool clog, and it’s really beautiful. I’m so happy with them!"

"THE Best"

"These sandals are incredibly comfortable and supportive. I’ve worn Birkenstocks forever, but these are far superior. No “break-in” necessary, no rubbing or blisters! I just ordered a second pair in black."

The Lieben Chelsea Boot

boots for Plantar Fasciitis

"There are none better"

"I work in the shoe retail trade, fitting and selling shoes and boots. I can honestly say that I've not found a pair of shoes better made, with more care in the details, as my new Stegmanns Chelsea's. I also own the chukka style, and alternate them from day to day. 9 hours on my feet, and I have no foot pain, no hip or back pain. And at my age, I should!! These are AWESOME shoes. Well crafted of the finest materials. I've worn Stegmanns clogs for 35 years, and am so happy that they now offer boots I can wear to work. I will be ordering more." - Krystine C.

"Finally Foot Pain Relief!"

"I love my new shoes. I've been suffering for a couple months with foot pain. After just 3 days of wearing the Stegmann Shoes my pain is almost gone. I highly recommend this company and their shoes. Thank you!"

 The Essenz Wool Clog

fall shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

"Love! Love! Love!"

"I have so many issues with my feet. Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteoarthritis, Plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, knee & back issues. I can't even walk barefoot anymore. If you have severe foot pain the search for the perfect shoe becomes a mission. Some days, like Thanksgiving when I'm on my feet all day by the end the pain is so bad they feel like they're bleeding & I just want to cry. I've been wearing a pair of Birkenstock's until they're falling apart. I did a lot of research on what to buy & decided on Stegmann but was nervous to buy something I never tried on. So this was my Christmas gift from my hubby….

After speaking with Melissa, I decided to go with a 6 instead of another color or style. I could not believe she called me because she hadn't gotten a response. Most companies have no concept of customer service these days & wouldn't have taken the extra step to call me...

We open gifts Christmas morning so that's when I finally got to wear them & OMG!!!! I was crying by the end, Christmas, again in the kitchen all day, I could not believe the difference!! I never write reviews, but I had to for these… My feet & legs were tired by the end of Christmas Day but they didn't feel like they were bleeding, my legs weren't numb, I didn't feel like curling up in the corner & crying myself to death. I was amazed, especially the first day wearing them!!

So it's Jan. 4th & my birthday is at the end of the week & I just ordered my second pair. I ordered a pair of the leather today because while I will wear both & will get more in the future, the wool attracts the dog hair like a magnet but is easily brushed off. I can't wait for my second pair to arrive. Pain relief, so cute & great customer service, can't get better than that! I'm a customer for life" –Annette M

"Kindness for my damaged feet"

"Post-nightmare spinal surgery where my feet felt disconnected from my body and shoes were a nightmare but necessary, I found Stegmann clogs. After working out what size worked best, I started feeling so much better about shoes. In the rehab hospital, I wore sneakers and when I got blisters and bloody feet, I was unaware. Sneakers were not to be in my future. I tried sandals and many other options before I saw an ad for Stegmann clogs. I ordered clogs and had to experiment with the sizing, but once I found the right size, I could walk, my feet no longer were bandaged up and I didn't look damaged anymore. I still cannot walk without a cane, but my wardrobe of Stegmann clogs makes me feel normal. I have many colors and styles and just ordered Alpaca clogs as a Christmas present to myself."

The Eco Clog

clogs Plantar Fasciitis


"These clogs are not only drop-dead gorgeous, they are comfortable right out of the box! Definitely worth the wait. It took me over 25 years to wear out my first pair, and I wouldn't be surprised if these last the rest of my life." - Laura

"Perfect Comfort"

"These are just perfect - perfect fit, nice warmth and not too much, beautiful wool, the luxury of stepping into these clogs every day. - They make me feel life is easier. I don't know why I waited so long!" - Terry

The Vienna Chukka Boot

Chukka Boots for foot pain

"These Chukka boots just became my favorite shoes! "

"The minute I put them on they felt like my favorite well-worn shoes. Love everything about them. They look good and feel great! And I have to give customer service at least a 10 star rating! I miss read the size chart and ordered the wrong size. I sent an email and told them what I did. When I got an email that my shoes had shipped they indicated that they changed my order & I got the shoe size I needed. (They fit like a dream!!) Not only do they make an excellent product, they have the best customer service anywhere!!"

"I May Never Take These Off"

"I suffer from plantar fasciitis and the arch support in these boots provides the support I need. I also have a high instep, and the laces allow me to customize the fit across the top of my foot. These boots are so comfortable that I may never take them off. And did I mention how cute they are? Exactly what my wardrobe needed. I am seriously thinking of clearing all of my other shoes out of my closet and only wearing Stegmanns from now on. Who needs anything else?"

The Edelweiss Clog

colorful shoes for foot and back pain

"Stegmanns are the best"

"I'll never understand why people would choose Haflinger over Stegmann. Stegmann footbeds are far superior and the quality of the wool felt much better overall. My Stegmann's stay smooth while my Haflinger's would shed." -Stacy

"So comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them."

"No lie, I had my clogs on (I bought them as house slippers even though I know they're all purpose) and left one morning to go to work and stopping on my way to work, picking up a Starbucks, I looked in the revolving door only to notice I had my “slippers” on! They’re so comfortable I didn’t even think to put shoes on… I love them! I did it again a few days late-went out to a car and had my clogs on. I didn’t even care because of how kind they are to my feet and arches." -Melinda

The Maria Mule

slip on shoes for plantar fasciitis

"Awesome Shoe!"

"I love this mule/shoe. I have bunions due to wearing high heels for many years. This shoe was very comfortable from day one. The width was perfect. I will definitely be purchasing more!!" - Julia 

"Best shoes ever!"

"My podiatrist forced me into Stegmann shoes as a "house" shoe when he forbid me to go barefoot because of plantar fasciitis. I've been wearing the Original 108 for over a year and finally bought the Maria Mule for outdoor wear. I wore them all over NYC and never had a twinge of pain. They look good with jeans or other casual pants. I am anxious to try the sandals this summer."

The WoolFlex Clog

WoolFlex Clog most comfortable shoes for plantar fasciitis pain

"Heaven on my feet"

"I have wide feet plus bunions and the shape and contour matches my feet perfect. I get cold feet when the temperature drops below 60 and when I wear these they keep my feet warm without sweating. I had my first pair in the early 90s. I don’t know why I waited so long to get my second pair. Thank you Stegmann!"

"Love my Stegmanns"

"I could not wait for my new clogs to arrive. I received them and immediately put them on. I know it is still summer, but I plan to wear them as house shoes until winter. As I get older, my feet are changing. I have a bunion on my right foot, the big toe has taken over the space for the toe next to it. So....that toe has flipped on top of the big toe. I watch my two-year-old grandson and do not have time yet for foot surgery. These clogs have always held a special place in my heart. The support is great and the toe box is sufficient for comfort."

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