Whether you’ve just opened your first pair of wool clogs or are trying on your first pair of cozy wool-lined boots, we’re here to help you go far in them. We invest so much thought and care leading up to your first steps in our orthopedically shaped soles and hand-felted designs. Because of that, we want you to keep showing love to your Stegmann shoes so they can love you right back. They'll help relieve foot pain like plantar fasciitis and prevent you from pain after a long day on your feet.
First, let’s get to know your shoes... 
cork is great for plantar fasciitis pain
The natural cork used in Stegmann clogs and shoes is harvested in Portugal as the bark of cork trees. The trees are not cut down, and the bark regrows and can be harvested again and again. 

Let’s talk about the materials first, which will help you understand more about how to take care of your cozy shoes.  We source our materials from the highest quality farms and lands. We have an intentionally small supply chain, which helps us play close attention to all the details. The result of our sourcing is a luxurious and versatile shoe that lasts a long time, some say up to 20 years or more. Here’s a quick rundown of what your new (or old) shoes are made of: 

  • Leather: Stegmann sources leather for our boots, sandals, dress shoes, and clogs from Portugal where our tannery is a nationally certified leader in chemical reduction and sustainable production practices as well as a rated member of the Leather Working Group. Learn more about our leather sourcing here.
  • Cork: All the cork used in Stegmann products is sourced from Portugal where it is sustainably grown and harvested. Cork is a natural material that is naturally water resistant. In addition, cork has shock-absorbing qualities, which can alleviate foot pain attributed to plantar fasciitis and more. Read more about how cork can reduce foot pain.

Taking Care of Your Cork Soles

To help this sustainable and supportive material last a long time, our exclusive Cork Sealer is the answer. It’s easy to use with a built-in brush to apply the sealer. When you apply a thin layer onto your cork soles, it will appear white. It will be clear when it dries.  Read a longer breakdown about using the cork sealer here.


Taking Care of Your Leather Shoes and Boots

When your new Stegmann shoes made from Portuguese leather arrive to you, we recommend applying Apple Leather and Suede Protectant Spray. The spray forms an invisible protective layer to prevent stains from water, salt, grease, coffee, wine, and more.  To use it, make sure you start with clean shoes. Position the spray bottle 6-9 inches away from your leather shoes. Spray the shoes, including the seems, in a sweeping motion. After 30 minutes, your shoes are dry and ready to wear. Read a longer breakdown about using the protective spray here.

Taking Care of Your Wool Shoes


Over time, your wool shoes will attract debris, pet hair, and pills. You can keep your shoes looking fresh and clean with a simple Stegmann felt care brush. The felt brush is easy to use. Start by holding the brush firmly in your hand. Begin brushing in one direction and you’ll begin to see debris disappear or attach to the brush. Brush your wool shoes as long as needed to remove all signs of debris and pills. You can repeat this as often as you need to keep your wool shoes fresh and ready for action!  Watch this video about how to use the wool brush.

Get Inspired About How to Wear Your Stegmann Shoes

We truly strive to create shoes that can take you through all types of life’s adventures. Versatile styles and materials can take you from summer to winter, from weddings to road trips. Many of you also find relief from plantar fasciitis pain thanks to our shoes.

Here are a few helpful links to help you build the perfect outfit around your new Stegmann shoes.

  • Our Instagram account is always loaded with inspiration, especially from our favorite bloggers and customers like you under “tagged” photos. Follow us on Instagram now.
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