We love creating shoes that our customers love. We’ve modernized our shoe making methods so they have a minimal impact on the environment and also last many years. Some Stegmann customers report that their shoes last 20 years and are still going! 

The lasting power of our shoes is possible because we only use the highest quality locally sourced wools and leathers. Our tannery in Portugal is nationally certified in chemical reduction as well as sustainable production practices. Even the cork/latex soles of your shoes are made using natural materials from Austria and Portugal. 

Sustainability is important to us, and we know it is to you. Together, we can buy better and make our favorite things last longer. We want to help you make our shoes last. Keep reading for tips and tricks to repair your shoes. 

How to Protect your Cork Soles

Cork is an amazing sustainable resource. It’s also an ideal material for a shoe footbed because of  its shock-absorbing qualities. The extra bounce alleviates foot pain attributed to conditions including Plantar Fasciitis. The supportive material also molds to your feet, which creates a customized cradle of support for your whole foot. To help this magic material last a long time, our exclusive Cork Sealer is the answer.


Someone showing the four steps using cork sealer to protect your cork soles on Stegmann shoes.

Shop the Stegmann Cork Sealer

To use the cork sealer, you’ll want to start by shaking the bottle to ensure a smooth consistency. When you open up the top, you’ll see the built-in brush attached to the top! That makes it easy to use. Start by brushing a thin coat of the sealer onto the cork surface. It will appear white. When you’ve covered the cork, use a damp washcloth to away any excess cork sealer from the leather or wool upper of your Stegmann shoe. You’ll then want to allow it to dry for 20 minutes or until the white of the sealer has turned clear. Once it’s dry, the cork have a darker and glossier finish. If you don’t notice the change, that’s normal for new cork. You may need two coats to ensure it’s properly sealed. For detailed instructions, check out our Clog & Shoe Care Guide

How to Protect your Leather Shoes & Clogs

Just get your new Halstatt Wool-Lined Clogs or Lieben Chelsea Boots in the mail?  We know you’re excited to get out and wear them to breweries, in the backyard, and on your next travel adventure! Before you do, you’ll want to make sure the leather from Portugal is protected and ready for action. When you first receive your shoes, we recommend some TLC with the Apple Leather and Suede Protectant Spray. This spray forms an invisible protective layer that prevents stains from water, salt, grease, coffee, wine, and more. 

Someone showing the four steps using Apple Leather and Suede Protectant Spray.

Shop the Apple Leather and Suede Protectant Spray ($14)

We have tested and approved this specific spray on all Stegmann leather products, so we are confident recommending it.  To use it, you’ll want to start wiping your shoes with a dry cloth to make sure no debris, dust, or dirt remains. When you’re shoes are all clean, take off the top of the spray and position the shoe 6-9 inches away from the can. When you’re ready, press down on the nozzle and spray the shoes in a sweeping motion. Be sure to include the seams when you spray your leather shoes. Let your shoes dry for 30 minutes before touching or wearing them.  You can reapply as needed  depending on how often you wear your shoes. We recommend protecting your leather shoes at least once a year. For detailed instructions, check out our Clog & Shoe Care Guide.


Shop Clog & Shoe Care Accessories

Follow the link above to check out our collection of clog care accessories. We have handy kits, brushes, sealers, waterproofing sprays and more. Everything you need for protecting and maintaining your Stegmanns!


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