2021. We will come to know this year for many things. One of those will be a renewed focus on comfort and quality when it comes to fashion and footwear. This is the year to invest in a high-quality men’s clog and house shoe. More durable than a slipper, the Stegmann men’s clog collection features weather-resistant materials. The house shoes are also built to alleviate pain for men who stand or walk all day long at home and on the job. 

“Stegmann shoes have an amazing design that contours to our arches and provides the right amount of support we deserve for all-day wear and tear,” says Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of TLC's "My Feet are Killing Me.” 

Below, we explore the five reasons why every guy needs a pair of wool clogs. Upgrade your clogs and house shoes to those that podiatrists recommend for comfort and bloggers love for their versatile styling options. 


Men's Juraschaf Wool Clog being comfortably worn in the house with his feet up.


Shown: Men's EcoWool Clog in Swiss Juraschaf Wool 

5 Reasons Why Every Guy Needs a Pair of Wool Clogs

1.) Straight-Forward Style

We take your feet seriously. Busy patterns and fluffy details aren’t our things. We believe your men’s clogs should be worn just as easily to the brewery as they can to get the trash. Choosing a house shoe with a clean, minimal design and elevated details help you accomplish this.

When customer Alan C. first slipped on his Men's EcoWool Clogs, he wrote to us and said, “Fine craftsmanship, great fit, very cool clean design, really approve of Stegmann's commitment this sort of wool and it's production… they are everything I hoped they would be.” 

Shoes like the EcoWool clog feature sophisticated neutral wool colors like the grey Alpaca color (top banner photo) made from Peruvian Alpacas’ wool from the Andes. The rich deep brown Juraschaf color comes from the wool of Juraschaf Sheep in Switzerland. You can wear these neutral materials with denim and a wool sweater during the winter or pair them with relaxed sweats and a t-shirt while you work at home. 


Men's Essenz Wool Clog being worn by someone that is propped up against a white fence outdoors.


Shown: Men's Essenz Clog in color 'Graphite'

2.) Versatility For Your Day 

The more versatile your shoes are, the more you can get out of your footwear investment. The best men’s clog and house shoes can get you through a range of tasks. We’ve heard our Stegmann shoes are the “Swiss Army Knife of Shoes.” Just like the tool kept close by men around the globe, the Stegmann shoe is built for any moment in your day. 

“In the house, for errands, and even to work, my clogs are my go-to footwear,” writes one customer about his 108 Original Clog.

Each of Stegmann’s men’s shoes are simple to slide on with or without socks. Once they’re on, the wool interior wicks away water, the naturally water resistant cork sole prevents water from making it in, and traction on the exterior of the sole ensures that you won’t slip as you walk the dog, get the mail, and more.

Comfortable Men's Original 108 Clog

Shown: Men's Original 108 Clog in color 'Navy'

3.) Supportive Pain Relief 

From plantar fasciitis to bunions, foot pain can inhibit your movement significantly throughout the day. Men’s clogs and house shoes with arch support, light soles, shock absorption, heel support, and ample toe room can reduce foot and back pain.

“My podiatrist recommended getting Stegmann clogs for pain relief from plantar fasciitis,” says one customer. “They work! My feet feel so much better.”

The right shoe shape and material in men’s clogs and house shoes can help alleviate foot and back pain. A cork footbed is lightweight and molds to the bottom of your feet. This customized support paired with the shock-absorbing qualities of cork can reduce ongoing distress to the foot’s muscles. Low to moderate heel heights, thick soles, good arch support, and extra cushioning are also significant characteristics to look for in your men’s house shoes. 

A man sitting on stairs in the city with Men's Woolflex Clog on.

4. Long-Lasting Wear 

Your footwear is an investment. You should be able to wear your shoes in various ways for an extended period. Wool is a versatile and reliable material. While wool offers insulation and durability, it also efficiently wicks away moisture and can stand up against harsh weather. Our wool-lined shoes, therefore, last longer than shoes made from other materials. 

"I love these. I wear them around the house all day, including trips outside to get the newspaper or retrieve our garbage cans. They're so comfortable and natural-feeling that I have already forgotten to change to my shoes when I drove to the post office. Highly recommended." Said one happy customer about the WoolFlex clog 

The sole of the shoe is as essential as the exterior. For elevated protection, the polyurethane sole of the Men’s WoolFlex Clog is stain, water, and abrasion-resistant. The cork footbed of Stegmann’s classic men’s clog designs is waterproof, which keeps feet dry in any weather. 


Men's Halstatt Clog being shown off.


Shown: Men's Halstatt Wool Lined Nubuck Clog in color 'Tan' 

5. Comfort “Like a Hug”

You can’t wear a pair of shoes all day if they don’t bring you comfort. In fact, we believe your house shoes can do much more. It all starts with selecting the right shoe shape. A broad and accommodating toe box is one way to ensure your men’s clogs and house shoes will bring you lasting comfort all day long. This feature prevents excessive pressure on the toes and the footbed. 

“These are the best I have ever owned,” says one customer. “They’re made so well and hug and support my feet beautifully. They are amazing around the house and so comfortable.” - Review for the Men's Halstatt Clog

An anatomically shaped shoe design also lends itself to enhanced comfort. The cozy felt lined Men’s Halstatt is paired with durable supportive rubber sole built to cradle your arches, toes, and metatarsal pad. This comfortable interior combination feels like a hug on your feet — one of the best reasons why every guy should have a pair of wool clogs.

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