Plantar fasciitis can impede your quality of life in many ways. We’ve learned from more than 130 years of making shoes that relief starts with a solid foundation. Specifically, we recommend a cork foundation. This forgiving yet supportive material makes it ideal for plantar fasciitis sufferers. We’ll share why a cork footbed is perfect for your plantar fasciitis pain in this blog post. 

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It starts with the inflammation of the tissue running across the bottom of your foot. This plantar fascia muscle connects your heel bone to your toes. The inflamed muscle can continue to be painful without the right footwear. Continuous distress leads to back pain and more. 

What’s in a Cork Footbed to love?

We’re already confident that clogs are the best shoe for foot and back pain. One of the most beneficial components of our clog designs is the cork footbed. We’re now using the same material in our other shoe designs because we know it works! 

“Cork will help with shock absorption and is lightweight, which is a great natural material for shoe gear,” said Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of TLC's "My Feet are Killing Me."

Dr. Bradley wearing Stegmann Ecowool Clogs in Stonesheep.

Dr. Bradley (pictured) wears Stegmann Ecowool Clogs in Stonesheep

He’s right. Those shock-absorbing qualities can reduce ongoing distress to the foot’s muscles. The extra bounce, therefore, alleviates pain attributed to Plantar Fasciitis. 

Cork is also a very supportive material. The cork footbed is lightweight and molds to the bottom of your feet for customized support of the whole foot. The more you love your shoes, the more they’ll love you back.

“Cork has just enough firmness to provide the support you need and just enough elasticity to give cushion and not fatigue,” says Dr. David Farnen, Foot & Ankle Specialist from Nashville, TN. “I use it often for my custom orthotics for patients who continually have foot and ankle pain.”

The Shape of your Cork Footbed matters too 

The Mayo Clinic recommends supportive shoes for people who suffer from foot pain. Look for low to moderate heel heights, thick soles, good arch support, and extra cushioning. 

“The shape of our shoe sole is paramount to the support of our foot structure,” explains Dr. Schaeffer. “Arch support, proper width, and metatarsal support will give us both support and comfort!”

Shoes like the Essenz Clog check these boxes and more. Each one features an anatomically shaped cork footbed with support for your arches, toe, and metatarsal pad. As for size, the Original 108 clog has a 1” heel rise and 3/4 inch toe platform. It is available in a medium or wide fit for additional customization. These features make Stegmann shoes among the best shoes available for plantar fasciitis. 

“These are the only shoes I can wear that help my plantar fasciitis and heel spur,” writes a Stegmann customer. “I have been wearing them for a year now, and I love them.” 

Another Original 108 wearing customer raved:"

"The Original clog is the most comfortable shoe ever. I have severe plantar fasciitis and it has actually helped tremendously. I will buy any shoes from Stegmann I can. Just amazing comfort and the foot bed and support are incredible."

As the Original 108 is our best selling shoe, we make it in both a Medium and Wide width for Women. A happy wearer of the wide width wrote to us: 

"I bought these for WFH shoes/slippers, I have a very high arch and plantar fasciitis. I have tried so many other options with no support and back pain. I have been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and my back feels great, and my feet are not sore at the end of the day. Highly recommend if you have high arches and plantar fasciitis."  Shop the Original 108 Wide

Original 108 Clog in 'Merlot' with a cork footbed being shown off on a stool beside coffee.

The Women's Original 108 Clog in 'Merlot'

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