The Chelsea Boot, the Liesel Skimmer, the Halstatt and all of our classic clogs have one thing in common: they feature a cozy wool-lined interior that hugs your foot. This comfy feature does a lot more than make your feet feel good. 

We’ve been using wool in our shoe designs since 1888 for a reason. Wool is a remarkable material that creates long-lasting, high performing shoes. Specifically, the wool-lined feature is naturally weather resistant, antimicrobial, deters odor, is good for the environment and much more. Here are a few more details about why we continue to create and share wool-lined shoe designs with you.

With or without socks

Simplicity is our speciality. Our shoes are meant to make your day easier. You can slip on each shoe with minimal effort. That includes skipping socks if you want to. There is no need to add another layer to protect your feet from a rough interior. The wool lining is soft enough to hug and comfort your feet like a pair of slippers. Additionally, wool is sourced from animals who live in climates with variable temperatures. Their wool helps regulate body temperature, which it can do for you, too. Even if you layer on a pair of socks, you can trust your shoes will help you adjust. The Halstatt clog is a customer favorite for outdoor wear because of its durable, weather resistant materials, but the wool lining for barefoot wear is really hitting a high note with wearers. It's available for Men and Women. 

Wool-Lining is Good for all Seasons

“I can wear these as a house shoe, out for errands and in casual work environments,” says blogger  Kristin of Barking Dog Shoes about her  Liesl Skimmers.  Your footwear is an investment. You should be able to wear your shoes in a variety of ways for a long period of time. Wool is versatile and reliable. When it’s warm and dry, wool is breathable and easily wicks moisture away. When harsh weather hits, wool can stand up against it, too. The material offers insulation and durability.  

Smelling Good

Maria Mule

The same feature that helps regulate the temperature of wool also keeps wool-lined shoes odor free. The breathability of the material allows a healthy flow of air around your foot. In addition, much of the moisture is absorbed by the material. In fact, wool absorbs sweat seven  times faster than synthetic materials. It is then transformed into vapor and released into the air. This all contributes to its naturally antibacterial performance because the build up of moisture is what causes bacteria to breed and smells to develop in your shoes! Our  Maria Mule (pictured) allows excellent airflow for odor resistance, and is easy to slip on and off! This is a fabulous warm weather option for women we want or need to wear a closed toe shoe. 


Keep Your Feet Rub-Free

Stegmann shoes are anti-friction because of the wool-lined interior. From the moment you slide your foot into the clog, skimmer or boot, your feet are wrapped in comfort. It’s all the warmth and softness of a slipper built into a shoe you can wear to the backyard, the brewery or the bedroom. Paired with a wide toe box, most of our shoes offer relief to people who suffer from foot pain including bunions, plantar fasciitis, and more. The Liesl (below) is a leather shoe, fully lined in wool-felt. Since women wear most dress shoes barefoot, we decided to make that experience a whole lot cozier. 



Ready for Play

Wool adds a bit of bounce to your step. Each wool hair is a mini spring because of the natural crimping of the hair.  When the wool lining is paired with a cork footbed, for example in our Lieben Chelsea Boot, the effect is a shoe built for fun. Together, cork and wool create light weight shock absorption while also offering a supportive structure for all day comfort and arch support. 


It’s a Sustainable Choice

Wool is an environmentally-friendly material because it is sustainable and has a low impact on the environment. The creation of cotton, for example, requires irrigation and often causes pollution where it is harvested. Polyester is created from a composite of plastics and natural fibers, which are well known to negatively impact the environment. Wool’s full lifecycle is eco-friendly.

At Stegmann, all of our wools from both Alpaca and Sheep are sourced in Austria and Europe. We have an intentionally small supply chain, which means we minimize transport routes where we can, sourcing wool from nearby and limiting travel during the production process.  With the exception of our EcoWool line, most of our wool clogs are made of a wool blend that includes Merino wool and locally sourced European wools. Our EcoWool clogs are comprised entirely of rare wools from a single country of origin. 

A Shoe You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Stegmann specializes in wool-lined shoe designs. We’ve shown we can bring the same all-day comfort from our clogs to our new boot and skimmer designs. Paired with other signature Stegmann features--anatomically shaped cork foot bed, generous toe box, interior padding, arch support and a metatarsal pad--the wool-lining of our shoes make them a unique, high quality footwear choice you can’t find anywhere else.

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