If you are a Stegmann customer, then you know the joy a pair of our shoes can bring into your life. Our shoes are supportive and relieve both foot and back pain. The materials and production are long lasting and help us reduce waste around the world. You wear them knowing each pair was hand felted and formed just for you. 

Bloggers and influencers are starting to learn the secret of Stegmann. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of them. Each one has their own inspiring stories of sustainable living, motherhood, travel and more. See how they wear our shoes from the bedroom to the boat. Learn why they’re lifelong fans now, too.

Meet Emily of Shmem Closet:

“When I moved into this house, it was the first time I had really been in a mostly tile house in almost a decade, and my feet were really hating me for it... Just as I had resigned myself to the notion of having to wear shoes with inserts indoors all the time, enter the Stegmann EcoWool clog. They're ORTHOPEDIC!! 🎉

Their clogs have an anatomically shaped sole with a low heel-to-toe slope encouraging spinal alignment and helping with lower back pain. They have orthopedic features like interior padding, medium arch support and a metatarsal pad to help your foot spread naturally inside the shoe.

And what's even better, they're made sustainably! They source their wool from local farmers and keep their supply chain within the US and Europe to minimize environmental impact. I've been wearing them non-stop and I have to say, I'm an enormous fan. Aside from a small amount of initial footbed shedding, they're pretty flawless in quality. And NOT ITCHY AT ALL”

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Emily of Shmem Closet showing off her Stegmann EcoWool clog.

Lacy Arrowsmith

About her Liesl Skimmers: “They are pretty much the cutest flats I’ve ever owned. They go with anything from jeans to dresses."

About her EcoWool Clogs: “I’m absolutely in love with these EcoWool clogs. I basically only take them off to sleep because they are so comfy. I just love this company! They have been around since 1888 and every clog is hand felted in Austria using locally sourced and sustainable wool. Customers say their clogs have lasted over 20 years. Definitely my kind of shoe!”

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Lacy Arrowsmith with her kids on a boat showing the EcoWool Clogs.

Elexis Bronson

“I was drawn to their EcoWool Clogs, which is a part of their Species Preservation Initiative.”

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Stegmann Ambassador, Elexis Bronson on the couch with her kid in her EcoWool Clogs

Kirsten of Barking Dog Shoes

“I love the design. The V-shape vamp is flattering and feminine. The toe box is roomy and covers bunions. The support is excellent, as I would expect from Stegmann. The insole is substantial and offers metatarsal and arch support. The heel area is snug without rubbing! I thought they'd slip off the back of my heels, but no. The versatility is appreciated, I can wear these as a house shoe, out for errands and in casual work environments.”

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Kirsten of Barking Dog Shoes.

Shelby of Wild Flora Wellness

“This company checks all the boxes for what I look for. They make their shoes with natural and responsibly sourced materials and they’re manufactured with sustainable practices, not to mention each shoe has an anatomically shaped foot sole that promotes foot and back health. I have no doubt these will stand the test of time and I’ll still be wearing them the next 10-20 years."

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Shelby of Wild Flora Wellness with her comfy Stegmann clogs in the grass.

Christina of Give Them Beauty

“I’m still smitten with these wool clog slippers from Stegmann and feel oh so pampered when I wear them.”

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Christina of Give Them Beauty wearing her EcoWool clog slippers with her kid playing in the background.

Erin Smith

“I’m OBSESSED! They are so comfy and they are known to last as long as 20 years! Forget fast fashion, find a shoe that’s in it for the long run!”

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Erin Smith wearing her brown clogs on the porch.
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