Stegmann Clogs are Podiatrist Recommended for Plantar Fasciitis

Podiatrists, Physical Therapists and our own long time customers highly recommend Stegmann Clogs for plantar fasciitis pain relief. Your hardworking feet are subjected to extreme pressure and stress every day.  Wearing clogs, which are excellent shoes for plantar fasciitis, will reduce your risk of long-term problems because they are made to properly fit and support the entire foot so that the tissues are not overly strained throughout the day. Clogs are a preferred shoe for professionals  who stand for most of their working hours.

Dr. Brad Approved

Dr Bradley Schaeffer, A New Jersey foot and ankle surgeon featured on TLC's "My Feet are Killing Me" is a fan of Stegmann Clogs. He says:

"Stegmann shoes provide noticeable arch and toe support while providing just the right amount of cushioning … the right shoe will help alleviate the stress from plantar fascia. This can be achieved with arch support and proper heel comfort."

We Surveyed Over 1000 of our Customers

9 out of 10 customers told us their Stegmann Clogs were the most comfortable shoes they own. They gave our wool clogs high marks for plantar fasciitis pain relief.

"I love Stegmann clogs. I’ve tried every shoe out there for plantar fasciitis and Stegmann is hands down the best."- Melissa J."

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