There are a few things that many of us have in common. One of those is that we have to work! From accounting, to massage therapy, to nursing, to restaurant service, our Stegmann customers find comfort and durability with their Stegmann shoes. 

When you love our shoes, they love you right back. Here are a few of the ways you’re getting the job done in Stegmann...

The Realtor: Joan

Joan has been a Stegmann owner since 1995. She owns four pairs of Stegmann wool clogs and wears them from time to time to show homes, but mostly around her own home. 

When we released the Maria Mule, so said she was practically the first in line to get her hands on a pair. She says she can walk miles in her mules and her feet still feel great. She loves the versatility of being able to wear them comfortably with and without socks. Being a realtor, she's constantly taking her shoes on and off throughout the day, so being able to easily slip them on and off is a must.  

The Clog for the Job: 

The Maria Mule



The Office Manager: James

James has been a Stegmann fan for 30 years. He says his first pair of clogs are still in great shape: “I really can’t believe it. They don't make shoes like this anymore. Thank god you guys are still around!” 

Long days in the office at a desk call for comfort and support. James says, “the more you wear them, the more they mold to your foot.” Depending on your sense of style and workplace, the Original 108 available in neutrals and rich colors of cozy merino wool for Women. Ladies can also choose from a medium or wide width. For guys it comes in our standard unisex Euro width and several classic neutral colors. 

The Clog for the Job:

The Original 108 Wool Clog

The Massage Therapist: 

Since 2004, Amy has added several pairs of Stegmann clogs to her collection. She is a medical massage therapist, which means she takes care of others on her feet for long periods of time. She needs something quiet and good for her own back. 

Amy says the clogs “conform to my feet so beautifully and actually offer relief to aching legs and hips … as someone who pays attention to skeletal alignment, I honestly believe these help with that. I also appreciate how natural they are and the mission behind helping sheep. They're such perfect little shoes!”

The Clog for the Job: 

The Ecowool Clog

The Food Pantry Volunteer:

This Stegmann fan has a big heart. Cathy bought her first pair of Stegmann clogs in 2019 and wears them to volunteer. She has both the Original 108 and the Lieben Chelsea boot. When it comes to volunteering in the warehouse, one of them gets the job done best. She says her boots offer comfort and support that keeps her feet and back from hurting after long hours. She likes that they look polished, professional, work for the warehouse's closed toe and heel shoe policy. Cathy says the boot doesn’t “get too hot, doesn't slip on the floor, and has good support!”  While it isn't technically a clog, it does have real wool lining so we'll give an honorable mention. 

The 'Clog' for the Job:

The Lieben Chelsea Boot

The Pharmacy Consultant: Brett

What Brett Says: I have four pairs. I wear the Euro Fit of the WoolFlex Clog in black. I like them because I don't have to worry about rain or snow on the sole and because it goes with everything. I like to stand at my computer while I work and they make my feet comfortable.”

The Clog for the Job:

The WoolFlex Clog


The Accountant: Amy 

What Amy Says: "I still have and wear the Original 108's from 1995.  The fit is still absolutely perfect." She recently purchased a pair of Essenz clogs to wear to work. She says that the clean lines and modern look lend themselves perfectly to "sneakily wearing my slippers to work." For the record, we fully support wearing your slippers to the office when they look this good!

 "We have polished concrete floors in the office. They are really tough on feet and joints. I can wear my Stegmann and have support without having to wear running shoes.”

The Clog for the Job:

The Essenz Wool Clog



 How do you Wear Your Stegmann Clogs to Work?

We would love to see! If you’re on the job site, working from home, or headed to a client appointment, snap a photo of your clogs and share with us!  Tag the image on Instagram with @stegmannclogs and use the hashtag #stegmannclogs. We’ll keep an eye open, say “Hi” and share with our community! 

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