The stay-at-home-guide to comfort:

Long days at home are the new normal. Staying at home doesn’t mean staying put. Instead of walking to your boss’s desk, you’re walking to your home office and instead of walking to the car for dinner, you’re walking to start cooking in the kitchen. Kids need to learn, dogs need to play, plants need watering and the trash must go! If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or other foot pain, then you know your feet and body still move and need support every day.

You need something more than a flimsy and fluffy pair of slippers or your bare feet. We talked with some of our favorite podiatrists to learn more about what makes a good house shoe. Spoiler alert: Stegmann shoes cross off all the boxes. 

Support, Support, Support

“The shape of our shoe sole is paramount to the support of our foot structure,”  says Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me. “The right shoe will help alleviate the stress from plantar fascia.”

Basically, you want your house shoe to do the work for your feet. The right shoe can act as an extension of your foot if it fits well enough. From the heel cup in the back to the metatarsal pad in the front, Stegmann shoes do just that. The curve of the Stegmann footbed is anatomically shaped to support your arches, heels and toes.  

“Stegmann shoes have an amazing design that contours to our arches and provides the right amount of support,” says Dr. Schaeffer.  

As one customer puts it, it feels like “a hug for your feet.” If you suffer from foot pain, a “hug” is all about the perfect amount of proper support all the way around your feet. 

No Slipping

When you have Plantar Fasciitis, you don’t want to further injure your healing feet. Having the right amount of grip and traction on the sole of your footwear is vital to ensuring you don’t slip and trip at home. All newer pairs of Stegmann shoes have a patterned rubber outsole. It’s ready for gripping any surface properly. 

The sole is also helpful because it protects you from water damage and other wear and tear. The 1” heel rise and 3/4  inch toe platform keeps your feet safe and elevated from the elements. This allows you to do more and go farther with your daily walks and chores. Customers regularly tell us that our shoes last for decades.


If you do happen to slip, the design of the clog is there for you, too. Because the clogs have closed-toe designs, your sensitive feet are protected from  more injury, scraps and pain that could exacerbate your foot discomfort. We don’t want any extra friction on your feet! Comfort and protection are vital.

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Room to Wiggle

When you suffer from foot pain, the last thing you need is extra pressure on your bones and muscles. Though our clog design is not open, the toe box is wide and accommodating, especially in shoe designs featuring the Euro fit, which is wider than the normal shoe. It’s available with styles like the WooflFlex and the Original 108.  

One recent customer said “They are comfortable right out of the box.” That’s because the shoes are made with natural materials that mold to the unique shape of your foot, all the way to the roomy toe area.

“Cork is a great material for insoles or soles on shoes. Cork has just enough firmness to provide the support you need for people that work on their feet all day,” says Dr. David Farnen, Foot & Ankle Specialist from Nashville.

When this ideal material is paired with a wider style, the front part of your feet and toes will easily sit in their natural position inside the shoe. There is no pinching of your muscles and bones. You’ll avoid further foot pain like blisters, bunions, and other painful bone deformities and skin issues. 

As Dr. Schaeffer says: “When we have foot pain and discomfort, the appropriate shoe can be a difference maker.”

We like to think we are difference makers! As you spend more time at home, don’t let your foot pain get worse. Reach for shoes with the right support, shape, and traction.  Take care of your feet and they’ll take care of you!

Looking for the Right Shoe?

Check out our pain relief buying guide. We surveyed thousands of our customers who suffer from foot pain. We created a buying guide for the best house shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, arthritis and more. 

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