Stegmann fans like you call our shoes many things: slippers, house shoes, and even “hugs for your feet.”  It got us thinking, what IS a Stegmann clog? Can we categorize our special brand of footwear or are we in a league all our own? 

We started with the definition of a slipper:

Slipper: Noun | plural noun: slippers | a comfortable slip-on shoe that is worn indoors.

Okay, we like that “comfortable” part! But Stegmann clogs are actually built for indoor and outdoor wear. Special features like water resistant cork soles and resilient wool make them ready for anything.  Read more about the power of wool shoes in this blog post. Now, let’s take on the term “shoe.”

Shoe: Noun | plural noun: shoes | a covering for the foot, typically made of leather, having a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle.

That’s a little closer. We’ve got the sturdy sole. Sometimes our shoes are made of leather. The clogs don’t reach above the ankle. Now we’re thinking we may be a shoe. But JP, who is on his 5th pair of Stegmann clogs says, “To this day, it’s the first thing I do when getting off–off with the shoes and on with the clogs.”  Clearly to customers like JP, we are no shoe! Let’s look into another term customers frequently call our shoes: “house shoes.”

House Shoe: Noun | plural noun: house shoes | a term commonly used in the American South for any footwear intended to be worn indoors, particularly at home that can easily slip on and off the feet. 

We actually hear the word “house shoe” in your reviews more often than you may think! It’s sort of a blend of shoe and slipper as we understand it. The only problem we see with this definition is “house.” The Stegmann customers who wear our clogs the most take them seamlessly from the indoors and outdoors. We know that we know we can wear our Stegmann Clogs anywhere–to yoga, to the brewery, on the plane, and beyond.

Stegmann Clog: Noun | plural noun: Stegmann Clogs | sustainably made footwear that provides orthopedic level support and the cozy comfort of wool.

So maybe this wasn’t in the dictionary, but we think this definition shows how special the Stegmann Clog is. You won’t find this comfort and versatility in any other shoe, slipper or even house shoe. As Alexis said, “I’ve never worn anything like it. I gave away all of my Sanita and Dansko clogs after I found these.”

So perhaps, the moral of the story is: there is only one Stegmann Clog! 

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