Working, traveling & the daily grind can do a number on our feet.

There are many people who are on their feet for long hours. For example, nurses, doctors, and medical professionals run back and forth between patients, doctors, labs and filing cabinets all day.  Because medical professionals are on their feet for long hours every day, many suffer from sore, aching feet and even back pain. 

“I work A LOT! I work on my feet 12-14 hour days and they used to be sore until I started wearing these wonderful clogs. The Stegmann clog is unlike any other shoe. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.” - Dr. David Farnen, Foot & Ankle Specialist from Nashville, TN. 

Dr. Farnen wears the Men's EcoWool Clog

Dr. Farnen wears the Men's EcoWool Clog

Folks who work in retail, or warehouses, also face the same challenges. Even going on vacation and walking around all day can cause a considerable amount of pain if you're not used to spending that much time on your feet. From choosing the right shoe to a few simple self care tricks, you can work to have healthier happier feet. This will also alleviate back pain and more. We want you to be pain free whether you're at work or at play. To do that you have to take care of yourself and your body. We specialize in feet here at Stegmann. We put together a few of the best tips to take care of your feet so you can stay comfortable when customers, patients and more when they need you the most.

Keep moving

You may be on your feet for most of the day, but exercising and stretching outside of the workday is important. Maintaining a regular cardio routine and stretching habit will help your feet stay healthier. Sitting still after a long shift may cause you to become stiff. Getting back on your feet again is tougher if you don’t stay limber. You can even incorporate some movement in your daily routine. Roll your ankles while checking a patient’s vitals or stretch out your hamstrings before you sit down at your desk. You can also stretch your feet from side to side and forward and backward. Occasionally, walk on your toes and heel for a few seconds each. 

Feet near a pair of grey Stegmann clogs.

Go Higher 

When you do get a chance to relax at home, prop your feet up. This will help return blood from your lower legs to the rest of your body. You can prop them up on a pillow or arm of a chair to get them above your heart. You can also lie down and prop them against the wall or the headboard of your bed.

Get on the Ball 

Rolling a tennis ball, or any kind of semi-firm ball underneath your feet can do a world of good to help your feet recover. The ball should be able to give a little bit when you press down on it - don't use something hard like a golf ball. Sit on the edge of a chair and roll the ball underneath your foot. Side to side and up and down the middle. This will help increase blood flow which aids in healing, as well as gently stretch out the plantar fascia, muscles and tendons that are tight or sore. 

Consider a Soak

After hours of working on your feet, treat your feet to some pampering with Epsom salts. This reduces swelling and inflammation, which can lead to long-term discomfort. Fill the tub or a bucket with warm water and add a generous amount of salt until it dissolves. Drop in some essential oils like peppermint to increase the calming and anti-inflammatory effects. Throw in a little self massage to add to the flexibility and recovery of your feet. 

Wear the Right Shoe

At Stegmann, our shoes are built for comfort, from the cork to the wool lining, to the shape of the footbed. They can ease back and foot pain of all kinds according to thousands of customers. Podiatrists themselves wear the Stegmann shoes.  “The shape of the shoe sole is paramount to the support of our foot structure,”  says Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me. He wears a pair of EcoWool Clogs from Stegmann.

Discover the right shoe for you

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Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me wearing EcoWool Clogs.
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