We love our jobs here at Stegmann! We hope you love yours like we do. Like many companies, some of our staff began working remotely during 2020. As we move forward this year, some of us are still working from home at least part-time. This working model is still popular around the country and we think our wool shoes are the perfect companion for your at-home workday.

According to a recent poll for USA Today, 40% of Americans prefer to work from home full-time and 35% seek a home-office hybrid. If you comprise that 75%, it’s important that you establish a solid foundation for a successful workday.  We suggest starting with your feet! We keep our cozy and supportive wool shoes close by our desks at the office and at home. Keep reading for our reasons to choose wool shoes for your workday.

Comfort is King

We work with wool because it is the quintessential material for cozy vibes and comfort. It all starts with the source: our adorable sheep friends.  We continuously seek to source only the highest-quality wools for our shoe designs here at Stegmann. We meet with farmers and say “hi” to the sheep whom we owe gratitude for the wool in your shoes!

We source our soft, cozy wool from four continents and New Zealand and we focus on the sourcing of rare species to preserve their population. The end result: extremely comfy shoes you can feel good hugging your feet all day long. Focus on the task at hand knowing your feet are wrapped in love.

Versatility in Your Day

Wool is an incredibly resilient and hard-working material. It can absorb about 30 percent of its weight in moisture, so sweat from the inside or elements from the outside are taken care of throughout your day. A little rain or a drink spill won’t phase your wool shoes. As you move through your workday at home, you can keep your wool shoes on for any of your tasks: taking out the trash, heading out for a refreshing walk, whipping up lunch in the kitchen, and more. 

Elevated Style

We know, most people aren’t showing their feet during Zoom calls and Google Hangout meetings. Your flip flops or flimsy flat-bottomed slippers aren’t exactly confidence-inducing, though, are they? Though some of our loyal Stegmann customers refer to our wool clogs as “house slippers” we take pride in creating designs and styles that are much more than the average slipper. We strive for modern and sleek shapes that are ready to pair with anything. Adding supportive and high-quality footwear to your work-from-home outfit will help you feel confident from the ground up. Nail those virtual meetings in style!

How To Wear Your Wool Shoes at Home

essenz flatlay

Throw on jeans and a blouse for a laidback yet polished minimal outfit. Slip on a pair of our Essenz shoes with or without socks to provide support at your standing desk. Keep a cardigan close by in case that AC brings on the chill. 

Pull on sleek cropped trousers for something elevated, yet practical. Reach for your Liesl Skimmers in wool. Feel polished and prepared at home while you tackle the day’s to-do list. 

We love a good pair of leggings for a long day of working at home. Add a chic tunic for an additional layer of style. Before you open the laptop, add a pair of our classic Original 108 wool clogs. 

Shop our WFH approved Wool Shoes:

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