Just in time for Earth Week and spring style season, Stegmann released two new 100% vegan wool clogs as part of its Renew Collection launch. The 135-year-old brand is known for its handcrafted wool clogs featuring sustainably sourced materials. The new vegan felt clog takes the brand’s commitment to sustainability farther for fans who don't wear wool.  

“Our first all-vegan shoe designs were instant hits,” says Stegmann USA President Andy Jacobs about the brand’s first all-vegan shoe release–two cork basketweave dress shoes for women. “We knew we had to continue to innovate when it came to our most loved shoe style, the Original 108 clog.”

The new vegan wool clog is constructed nearly identically to the most popular Stegmann shoe design: the Original 108 Wool Clog. It has all the same podiatrist-recommended comfort benefits: a cushioned contoured support sole with arch support and metatarsal support. 

The felt material is made of 100% polyester with 96% recycled post-consumer PET– aka recycled water bottles. The footbed is crafted from cork, a renewable resource and the outsole is made from natural rubber.  The shoe meets Global Recycled Standards (GRS) and is certified by ICEA. 

“We have always prioritized sustainability in our sourcing and production,” Jacobs says. “It all starts with the foundation of a cork sole in 95% of our shoe designs. The material is not only great for your feet, but it’s a completely sustainable resource.” 

The shoe is part of the newly-launched Renew Collection featuring several mens and women’s styles. More than 90% of the materials used in the construction of these styles are fully renewable from the cork to the rubber to wool. They’re also responsibly sourced and made.

The material for Stegmann’s cork soles is sourced from Portugal where it is sustainably grown and harvested from the bark of the cork oak. The trees are not damaged during harvest, which is important because the cork oak forests in southern Portugal are home to numerous plant and animal species. The forests are also critical for both the local and global ecosystems. 

“We just returned from Portugal and are excited to continue our commitment to working with our partners there,” Jacobs says. “Our new vegan clog is the perfect sustainable addition to our customer favorites. We know it will be a year-round favorite and the perfect gift with a story during the holiday season.”

Stegmann’s most popular fall shoe styles include the Eco Clog for men and women, which is crafted from special heritage wools and created in the zero-carbon waste carbon-neutral workshop in Austria. Wool felt-lined leather boots and dress shoes, and clogs receive five-star reviews for comfort and style. 

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