Our Favorite New Year’s Resolution: Get Outside More Often in 2022

It seems 2021 was not so different than 2020. Many of us were still working from home, remaining cautious, and thinking a little differently about our lives and what is important. At Stegmann, we know that time with loved ones, the beauty of the outdoors, and gratitude for simple necessities top our list of things we love. As we embark on a new year, we’re making resolutions to do more of these.  

Getting outside more frequently is a manageable and impactful resolution to take on in 2022 and we wanted to share inspiration for you to join us! It doesn’t have to be all epic mountain views or long-distance trips. Getting outside more often can be right outside of your front door or a short car ride away. Here are a few ideas for getting outside in 2022 and the right shoes to wear when you do!

Take Walking Meetings

Whether you’re working from home or back in the office, consider taking meetings while you walk. It’s a great way to stimulate new ideas and get away from the distractions sitting on your desk. Research has actually shown that walking meetings can increase creativity by 81-100%

The Shoe for the Job:  The Liesl Skimmer

These sleek dress shoes are ready to be dressed up or down and pack the same comfort features of our cork-sole clogs. 

Take a Day Trip to A New City

No need to hop on a plane to get some adventure. A simple day trip in the car can lead you to discover something new nearby. Shop new shops, eat local food, see a play, or follow the sounds to some live music. Get in and go!

The Shoe for the Job:  The Lieben Chelsea Boot

Slip on the boot for exploring and just as easily slip it off during your car ride. The versatile Chelsea boot is lined with wool and can be worn with or without socks.

Walk the Dog an Extra Few Blocks

A good way to spend more time outside? Simply stay out a little longer when you’re already there. See what’s around the next corner or decide to go the long way back home when you’re out walking the pooch.

The Shoe for The Job:  The Vienna Chukka Boot

This lace-up bootie is elegant yet totally practical. The supportive and cushioning sole is ready for the extra few blocks of walking, wherever you are!

Women's Vienna Chukka Boot


Camp or Glamp - it doesn’t matter!

Take the tent, the RV, or rent a cozy cabin for a couple nights away from the buzz of the city or the responsibilities of work. You can rough it or glamp it, we won’t judge! Taking the time to connect with family or friends away from it all will prove valuable in so many ways.

The Shoe for the Job:  The WoolFlex Clog

With a protective poly sole, the WoolFlex clog is ready for a little extra roughness. These handy shoes come in both wide and medium fits for women and medium for men. 

Men's WoolFlex Wool Clog Slipper

Start a Garden-Or Grow the One You Have

Investing in a garden carries many benefits. You’ll spend time outdoors and away from your phone. You’ll also have fresh, healthy veggies to bring back into the kitchen for refreshing and nutritious recipes. 

The Shoe for the Job: The Halstatt Clog

This clog is fully lined with wool for super cozy gardening. The durable rubber sole will stand up to a little extra wear outdoors. 

Halstatt Leather and Wool Clog

Hang in a Hammock or Take a Walk in the Park

Not all outdoors time has to be super active. Hanging out and reading a book or even taking a nap outdoors will count for us! Throw up a hammock on the back porch or in the yard to always be ready to welcome a moment of outdoor relaxation. Or better yet, take a stroll in a park, take your favorite drink and enjoy a quiet afternoon. 

The Shoe for The Job:  The Essenz Clog

These minimalist clogs are an easily slip on for a short walk outside. They slip right off when you’re ready for a nap. 

womens essenz wool clog


Host a Cookout Outdoors

Have some friends over for good food and some fresh air! Fire up the grill, the smoker, the fire, or the pizza oven! Pour some wine or beer and enjoy each other’s company in the outdoors. 

The Shoe for the Job:  The Maria Mule 

This chic shoe is ready for your simple jeans and t-shirt outfit days. They easily take you indoors to outdoors when you’re playing host or hostess at home and they elevate any casual outfit while keeping your feet happy and supported. 

Women's wool lined leather maria mule


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