The internet is a funny place. We’ve seen a lot of comments out there from people speculating that Stegmann has moved its factory to Romania or Poland, or some other locale and that the quality has changed. This always makes us laugh a little, because as the exclusive US importer of Stegmann clogs, we often visit the factory locations in Europe. We can confirm that we’ve never made shoes in Romania – however, we’re sure it would be a lovely place to visit.

What we can tell you with certainty is that the wool felt clogs uppers are made in Austria using wool from Tyrolian sheep. Tyrol is a region in Western Austria famous for its towering alps, luxury ski resorts and very happy sheep. The cork soles are made just across the alps, in Germany. There's a few German factories that have always been very good at making cork soles, and we use only the best. Now this is where it gets interesting…

Importing shoes is complex, and without giving away too much of the magic, we can tell you that our wool felt clogs arrive in the USA as components that still need a little finesse. This is where good old American industry comes into play.  Each and every pair of our wool felt clogs are assembled and finished in Missouri. That’s right! The best way to ensure we’re providing the highest quality product is by having an American craftsman or woman put on the finishing touches.

In this video, you can watch Stegmann clogs being built by hand at our facility in Missouri.


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