Charles wore the same Stegmann Clogs for 23 years

March 13, 2018 2 Comments

Charles wore the same Stegmann Clogs for 23 years


Charles showing off his old and new pair of Stegmann Clogs 

Stegmann has been around for a long time, and with a history like ours, we're bound to hear some pretty awesome stories. In 2018 we are working hard to make sure we stay connected with our customers and continue to learn about their experiences. We caught up with one of our long time customers, Charles, to learn a little more about his Stegmann Story.

Charles has been A Stegmann fan for quite some time, he had his first pair for a whopping 23 years!

"I got my first pair in December 1994, I remember because it was the Christmas of my senior year of high school.  My brother had a pair and I thought they looked comfortable, so I asked for a pair from Santa." A family of Stegmann fans! Wearing a pair of shoes for 23 years probably speaks for itself, but we wanted to know if he was pleased with the way his held up. "Absolutely, 23 years is really good in my book. I'm on my second pair, the first pair finally got holes in the felt and I decided to ask for a new pair at Christmas this year." You know you're committed to a pair of shoes when you wear them even when there are holes in them. " My favorite thing about Stegmanns are the way they form to my feet, provide support and are comfortable to wear anytime of year." Yeah, those are some of our favorite things too.

We can tell you how great Stegmanns are all day long, but sometimes hearing it from real customers helps one feel more certain. We are so lucky and grateful to have such great customers willing to share their stories with us and you!

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Courtnae Scott
Courtnae Scott

October 16, 2018

I have been wearing Stegmanns since about 1993, and I still have my original gray pair. I actually have multiple pairs, and I am currently deciding what new color to add to the collection. Thank you for my favorite shoes!

Diane Smitj
Diane Smitj

March 13, 2018

Got my first pair over 40 years ago. The heels are worn down all the way but they are still just as comfy as always! Love em!!!?!

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Size Guide

**Current sizing for wool may be different than in the past, please check for your correct size before ordering**

Stegmann wool felt clogs are felted on a European last, which results in a more generous fit. They will also loosen slightly with long term wear as the felt compresses. The Stegmann clogs of today may be wider than styles you have bought in the past.

Wool Clogs Size Recommendations:


Leather Clog Size Recommendations:

Our leather clogs fit true to size and will loosen only slightly with wear. Leather is available in US Whole sizes only. If you are between sizes we recommend sizing up. If you prefer a very snug fit or have a narrow foot you may consider sizing down. 


  Old vs New Clog Dimensions:

If you're looking to replace an older pair of Stegmann Clogs with the same size, we've provided all of the sole dimensions for you below. Many of our loyal, long time customers tell us the fit has changed a bit over the years, so we provided these charts so you can be certain you're getting the same size clogs as the old pair you love. Simply measure the widest and longest points on the bottom of the shoe to match with our measurements. As a rule: when in doubt, size down in wool felt, and size up in leather.