Stegmann has been making clogs for over 120 years. We are committed to our brand and providing footwear that consumers love. Stegmann clogs are made of high-quality materials, offering durability, and allowing consumers to wear them for years.

Since they are made of strong materials, new clogs may take a while to loosen and adapt to your feet. This article offers some tips on how our footwear and its materials can be stretched over time to provide you with comfortable wear. 

Tip # 1 – Regularly Wear Your Clogs

One of the most obvious ways to break in your shoes is to wear them as often as possible. Although it may be uncomfortable for the first couple of times, you can expect them to loosen in the following days. This is one of the easiest options as it requires the least amount of effort, and you can expect suitable results. Regular wear of your clogs will enable them to slacken and be less tight with each wear.

Tip # 2 – Using a Warm Dryer 

Before trying this second suggestion, or any of the following tips mentioned, your clog should fit adequately. Your clog should not be snug, and your feet should not be making contact with the front of the shoe. Instead, you should have about ½ an inch of “wiggle room.” If you find your clog uncomfortable, despite the advised amount of space, here is a tip you can attempt to stretch your leather clogs.

After trying on the shoe and discovering points where the shoe makes uncomfortable contact with your feet, use a warm dryer to help loosen the material. Do not place the dryer too close to the shoe, nor for too long, but enough to create warmth. Once warm, wear them around your home for about an hour or more. Wearing thick socks right after warming the shoe can also help to expedite the stretching process. Combining these two practices will allow you to enjoy the comfort and support of your clogs sooner. 

Tip # 3 – Use Thick Socks

If you don’t want to warm the shoe, consider wearing the clogs around your house with only a pair of thicker socks. This tip may take some time to work, but it will allow the shoes to stretch and adapt to your feet accordingly. Socks will make your foot wider in the shoe and help expand it slightly.

Tip # 4 – Stuff Your Clogs 

If you don’t want to wear your shoes around the house, or you can’t wear them for too long, consider stuffing your clogs. As opposed to wearing the socks, consider rolling up the socks and packing your shoes with them. Be sure to concentrate on placing the socks in the toe space of your clogs.

With this option, you will not get immediate results, but your shoes will gradually expand over time. Stuffing works well on leather clogs and other impressionable materials, but being patient with the process is essential.

Tip # 5 – Using Rice for Expansion

For an overnight approach, using a plastic sandwich bag filled with rice and enough water to cover the grains can help to expand your shoe. This approach is an old one, but it offers quite effective results. The rice swells as it absorbs the water, eventually stretching the clog. 

Tip # 6 – Use a Shoe Stretcher

Another efficient method for widening your shoe involves using a shoe stretcher. With this tool, you can adjust the stretcher and expand your clog further. Continue stretching the clog to achieve a size that is more comfortable for you and enables you to wear your clogs for longer periods.

Stegmann Clogs Offer Ideal Comfort

Stegmann clogs are renowned for their quality, comfort, and support. They are crafted with high-quality materials and handmade by experts who are committed to their craft.

If you have recently purchased our clogs and are trying to break them in, consider the tips mentioned above so that you can begin enjoying your newest footwear. If you’re looking for a fresh pair of clogs, peruse our site for the latest styles and more information.

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