Customer Testimonials

Our customer testimonials page is where we recognize and highlight long time Stegmann fans and their stories. Our customers are so gracious and generous to share their experiences with us. We appreciate you!


Charles from Ohio - His Stegmanns lasted 23 years!

"I got my first pair in December 1994, I remember because it was the Christmas of my senior year of high school.  My brother had a pair and I thought they looked comfortable, so I asked for a pair from Santa. I'm on my second pair, the first pair finally got holes in the felt and I decided to ask for a new pair at Christmas this year. My favorite thing about Stegmanns are the way they form to my feet, provide support and are comfortable to wear anytime of year." Read more about Charles on our blog.



I practically live in these clogs. They are very comfortable. The magenta color is beautiful. Stegmann clogs last for years, so I hope they keep this color forever, so it will still be available when I need to replace them. The price seems high, but they really do last. I have tried other wool felt clogs, and the toe area wears through within a year. My last pair of Stegmann clogs lasted over 10 years, and I expect these will as well.

- Margaret R. Dark Magenta Original 108 Wool Clog 



I got these for Christmas and have struggled with lower back pain due to a bad arch. I started wearing these around the house in the last month and my back feels so much better! I wear these everywhere. I have slightly wide feet and I sized down 1/2 size as they recommended which was the right fit for me. They do loosen a bit as they're broken in, so I might go a full size down if I buy another pair. I love my Stegmanns!

- Marie S. Grey Original 108 Wool Clog



These clogs keep my feet warm during winter and are just great during summer as well. Arch conforms perfectly to one's individual shape. Comfort and durability-exceptional.

-Lewis B. Graphite Men's WoolFlex Comfort Clog 



I really love these slippers. Warm in winter cool in summer and the sole is supportive and can go outside.

- Gordon W. Graphite Men's WoolFlex Comfort Clog 



I wear my Stegmann clogs every day. I have several pairs. Old ones and new ones, dress ones and my every day ones. I have foot problems and my Stegmann clogs are the only shoes that are comfortable.

- Elain R. Dark Magenta Original 108 Wool Clog 



In 1999, I found my first pair of Stegman’s at a local shoe store. They were a clearance item, so I bought them. I was surprised by the terrific fit and overall comfort. I used them daily around the house. It took me 18 years, but I finally wore through the felt at the back of the heel. The felt just separated from what was set in the sole. I am on my second pair now and doubt that they will see the 18 year mark because I am wearing them outside as well as inside. They are so comfortable I hate to be without them. My regular (expensive) shoes are nowhere as comfortable as my Stegmann’s. I can say that the full price is a good deal. Just think of what you are not spending on shoes for 10 to 18 years.

-Wiggs Black Women's WoolFlex Comfort Clog

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