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Women's EcoWool Clog

Size Guide

*Due to high demand we have low stock on this style. We expect to restock on or around April 1, 2021. Please sign up for back in stock alerts to request your size and color.*

The EcoWool clog is made with special heritage wools sourced from small farms practicing sustainable and cruelty-free farming. The wool is minimally processed and contains no dyes. Alpaca is lanolin free. See features and sizing details below.

Please note: Coupons and discounts will not apply to EcoWool clogs

Features & Benefits

  • 100% natural wool upper is fully wool lined
  • Expertly felted smooth upper with no seams
  • Anatomically shaped sustainable cork sole
  • Patterned rubber outsole
  • 1” heel rise & 3/4 inch toe platform
  • American Medium width, runs large
  • Size & Fit Details

    This clog is medium width and runs 1/2 to 1 full size large in length. For barefoot wear, and a snug fit we recommend sizing down one full size from your normal shoe size. Size down 1/2 size if you prefer to wear socks. This clog will loosen slightly with wear.

    Shetland Clog
    Alpaca Clog
    Juraschaf Clog
    Stonesheep Clog
    The EcoWool clog is sustainably sourced and responsibly produced. Handmade in our private, carbon neutral, low-waste facility in Tirol, Austria, this shoe represents over 120 years of craftsmanship and environmental stewardship. Sourced from local wool collectives and small farms, this clog financially supports important heritage breeds and farmers. The wool in this clog has been washed and remains natural with no added coloring. Matched with a sustainable, natural cork/latex footbed, it offers exquisite comfort in what may be the most eco-conscious clog ever produced.

    • The Tirolean Stonesheep (Tiroler Steinschaf) is one of the oldest existing sheep species on earth. These sheep have been bred on remote mountain farms for centuries in Tirol for their meat, milk, and wool. Their wool was in high demand especially in the 20th century to produce loden cloth. Today, the Tirolean Stonesheep is a rare species. The estimated Austrian population is around 4,000 sheep, and 14,000 worldwide. With our Tirolean Stonesheep EcoWool clogs, we support the breeding and preservation of this species.

    • Shetland sheep are native to the Shetland Islands in Scotland. The breed traces its roots to the ancient Nordic heather sheep and has been recorded in history since the Stone Age. The wool of the Shetland Sheep is very high quality with a high level of elasticity. Once a year, in the springtime, the sheep shed their wool. At that time the wool can be easily loosened and detached without shearing, but rather by picking it.

    • The Juraschaf is native to Switzerland and spends most of its life in the Alps. The breed is popular in Switzerland and its wool is in high demand for its high quality, dark color and fine fiber structure. It is well known for its ability to thrive in tough alpine conditions. Due to its consistent fleece color, Juraschaf wool is rarely dyed or colored. Raw wool ranges from dark brown to completely black. When blended, it produces a rich, deep espresso brown. Juraschaf wool is soft and fine, with all the wonderful natural insulating properties of alpine sheep wool.

    • Alpaca is a well-known wool producer and is raised all around the world. The wool we use is from the Peruvian Alpaca, which is native to the Andes in South America. Their wool is highly prized for being softer and silkier than cashmere, yet very durable and warm. Our wool is called "baby alpaca" and is sourced from a Fair Trade Certified & Cruelty Free Collective. "Baby Alpaca" does not refer to the age of the alpaca, but rather the grade of the wool - Baby being the finest and softest.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 67 reviews
    Worth the wait!

    Extremely comfortable right out of the box. The sizing down was great advice. I find that the wall is the right temperature for my feet, not too hot and not too cool. My only disappointment was that the Shetland color is darker than expected. Otherwise I really love the slippers!

    Sole is too hard and stiff

    Clogs would be great if the sole had a little more cushion along with the support. I have back problems that require cushioned but supportive shoes to prevent pain with prolonged standing

    The search is over

    I'm happy to have found an ethically sourced wool house shoe. Sure they're spendy but worth every penny because they last and are so comfortable. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, I'm glad to have learned about the Art of the Hausschuhe when I lived in Germany. I'm gonna get another pair in another color when they're available. 💚